10 Unfortunate Guest Behaviors Disney Face Characters Have To Endure


Being cast as a “face character” is the most sought-after role in Walt Disney World. To embody the spirit of a beloved character and make eye contact with guests as you bring their dreams to life, this is a position to cherish. However; as with all things in life, there are pros and cons. While these cast members have dream jobs, they are often reminded of real world realities. Without a mask to hide behind, these characters are no stranger to uncomfortable situations. Listed here are just some of the “not so magical” characteristics of this gig.

10. Kids Throwing Tantrums

Seeing a child weep and flail uncontrollably on the ground, is not a rare sight in WDW. Characters are only permitted to spend so much time with each guest and they must take mandated breaks. Often, this can cause younger (and crankier) guests to have melt-downs when Belle or Peter Pan cannot listen to a 20 minute story. On top of that, characters aren’t permitted to comfort anyone and are instructed to let parents/families contain the upset kiddos. While the characters understand this is part of the job, it is still a trying and sometimes heartbreaking aspect.

9. Parents Throwing Tantrums

Unfortunately, age does not always guarantee maturity. Many a character has been scolded by an irate parent. Most often, this happens when a character has to take a break and a child has to wait longer for their meet and greet. Calling all parents! Please know that no cast member takes pleasure in making your child wait and this is an ideal time to demonstrate patience. And if a line for a character has been closed, there are plenty of other great options!

8. Everyone Throwing Tantrums

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Disney vacations are exhausting, tiring, and wrought with unpredictable weather. Emotions can run high and characters have seen plenty of family arguments during photo ops. Don’t let this be your group! Give yourself and others the rest they need, so that when you finally meet Captain Jack Sparrow, you’ll have plenty of happy pictures.

7. Accidents

Don’t forget, many children visiting the characters are quite young. In fact, some are so young, they may still be wearing diapers/training pants. Other children may have queasy stomachs thanks to funnel cake and multiple Space Mountain rides. Basically, if you think a character has never seen a child make a mess, you are mistaken. They understand their audience. They are just hoping to keep their costumes clean!

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