10 Walt Disney World Attractions You Should FastPass

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Fast Pass Reservations are essential if you don’t like waiting in a lengthy line. Just reserve your ride or attraction fast passes in advance, and with your Fast Pass App, you can reserve or change your reservation in advance. There are some more popular rides and attractions for which this option is a necessity in order to avoid extra long wait periods. I have listed some of these that almost always have unusually long lines, even in the off season.

1. Astro Orbitor — Magic Kingdom — Tomorrowland

Ascend by elevator to the loading platform of this ride and climb aboard a rocket ship that rises above the platform, then begins a series of revolutions around a central futuristic planetary structure. You control your rocket’s upward/downward flight by pushing or pulling a lever inside your ship. Because this is a popular ride and the rockets only hold two passengers, the line does form quickly, so save some time and reserve a Fast Pass.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad — Magic Kingdom — Frontierland

This is definitely the wildest ride in the wilderness. Board an old mine train and take a speedy, rollicking, rolling, curving ride through the Old West , with many dips and sharp turns. It’s a thrilling ride, and therefore, the line backs up most days and nights. you can avoid the wait with your Fast Pass Reservation.

3. Space Mountain — Magic Kingdom — Tomorrowland

Space Mountain is an indoor dark ride, which offers an electrifying, accelerated trip through space in a rocket shaped vehicle. It’s very exciting and immensely liked by guests of all ages. There are very few times when the lines are short, mostly in the off season months. Fast Passes for this ride are highly recommended.

4. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror — Hollywood Studios

This unique attraction is loosely based on an episode of a TV series called The Twilight Zone, which aired from 1959-1964. The storyline of the ride is a bizarre event which occurred at the famous Hollywood Tower Hotel on Halloween night, 1939, when lightning struck the main elevator shaft of the maintenance elevator. Since the main elevators were out of service, five guests were on the maintenance elevator when this happened, and they mysteriously disappeared. The Hotel was closed immediately, and everything remained frozen in time. Today’s guests relive that shocking night, and dare to climb into one of the Tower Hotel’s maintenance elevators for an experience like no other. The elevator rises to the top, shakes and shivers, then suddenly drops all the way to the bottom, quickly returns halfway, drops again, and so it continues, until the last and final fall. The air time on the falls is awesome and tickles your stomach with extreme delight. You better get that Fast Pass for this extreme elevator ride.

5. Peter Pan’s Flight — Magic Kingdom — Fantasyland

On this original Disney indoor dark ride, step into a specially designed pirate ship where you are whisked away on a journey high above the streets of London, England. Then travel through the skies to a faraway place called Neverland– home of Peter Pan and his band of lost boys. Also along the way you are introduced to an Indian Princess, beautiful mermaids, and a wicked villain, Captain Hook and his crew. This ride is very distinctive because it is the one ride in all of Walt Disney World where your ride vehicle is suspended from a track along the ceiling for a truly amazing view of all the characters and scenery. This is a very family friendly ride, and very popular, so you better reserve that Fast Pass.

6. Test Track — Epcot — Futureworld

Upon entering this state-of-the-art Chevrolet Design Center, you are surrounded by the latest designs and models of futuristic concept vehicles which may someday be available for guests all over the world. Next, you are directed into a room filled with computer monitors where you can design your own personal SIM car, which will be displayed on monitors as your 6-passenger car makes it way through all the exciting testing. Your car will be flying through straight-aways, maneuvering through inclement weather, banking through sharp curves, scaling hills up to 3 stories high, and the ultimate test, an outdoor mile long raceway, reaching speeds of 65 mph; a definite test of your hairspray. This is a thrill ride like no other, and is very popular. Yes, it would be wise to get a Fast Pass.

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7. Toy Story Midway Mania — Hollywood Studios

This family friendly attraction and ride is a trip into the world of the Toy Story movies. As you enter the queue you are surrounded by oversized toys and games found in Andy’s bedroom. It’s truly a wonder to behold. After making your way to the boarding area, your ride vehicle is a specially designed Carnival style tram car, which seats 4 persons, back to back.

After putting on your 3D glasses, and taking hold of your spring-action shooter, you are ready for a ride filled with fun and games, thrills, and lots of laughter. You car turns and spins, taking you to the next carnival game where you aim your shooter and moving 3D objects, scoring points which will be displayed at the end of the ride. The 3D glasses combined with the 4D shootin’ gallery makes this attraction very popular, and because it is fun for the whole family, it is a favorite for most guests; therefore, you better reserve your Fast Pass.

8. Expedition Everest, Legend of the Forbidden Mountain — Animal Kingdom

The attention to detail on this attraction is astounding. As you enter an old Himalayan museum, you are immersed in the mystery and stories from previous climbing expeditions. There are authentic looking photographs, remnants of tattered and broken pieces of equipment left behind by climbers who vanished, evidence of gigantic animalistic footprints, Himalayan artifacts, stone statues, colorful flags, and many handcrafted and musical wind chimes.

Your expedition begins as you board an old weather-beaten train to begin your ascent to the summit of Mt. Everest. This ride is extreme, very fast, and filled with quick turns, sudden dips, and a long, slow climb to the top of the mountain, where the track has been destroyed, and your train is forced to begin a speeding backward trek, including an encounter with the snow monster himself, Yeti. The adventure continues as your train zooms into high gear for a hasty trip back to the loading area. Fast Pass? Definitely.

9. Rock’n Roller Coaster — Hollywood Studios

This ride vehicle is designed to resemble a super-stretch limo, and once you have climbed on board, hold on tight as your limo takes off at an unbelievable 60 miles per hour with the sounds of Aerosmith playing in the background. When I say “hold on tight”, I mean it. This awesome, thrilling, speeding coaster in the dark will take you on dips and turns, upside down, right side up, with no stops along the way, until you reach your destination, an Aerosmith concert. This is not a ride for anyone who has any kind of motion sickness, but it is a ride for anyone wanting a high speed, spine-chilling, extreme roller coaster experience, all in the dark. Unless you are okay with spending an hour or more in line, it would probably be a good idea to reserve a Fast Pass.

10. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train — Magic Kingdom — Fantasyland

This ride is the newest addition to the New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom, and is a real crowd-pleaser and happens to be my family’s favorite. The Disney classic, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, comes to life in this attraction, from the interactive queue to the music and the view of Snow White and the wicked witch at the end of the ride.
Your ride vehicle is a replica of the wooden mine cars the seven dwarfs would use while they dug for their diamonds and other precious jewels. For this coaster, Disney introduced a first-of-its-kind ride system, enabling each individual vehicle to sway back and forth on all the dips and swift turns, giving passengers a different experience every time they ride. The whole family will enjoy this whimsical and exciting adventure. Because this ride is one of the newest additions to Walt Disney World, it is the most visited in the Magic Kingdom, so Fast Passes are recommended.

Your Walt Disney World vacation will be even more magical if you do your homework and reserve those Fast Passes for the rides you really want to experience. It saves time, and if you are excited about the ride or attraction, you can reserve it again for another time. Fast Pass+ is just another way for Disney to insure their guests have a truly enchanting experience at the “most magical place on earth”.

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