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10 Ways To Suck the Fun Out Of Your Day At Walt Disney World

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

5. Never Stopping

Rests are crucial to the success of any Disney trip. Disney World is absolutely exhausting, and if you try to spend every waking moment experiencing either a show, a ride, or a parade, you’re bound to tire out pretty quickly. Nothing is very fun when you're overtired, so working some rests into your schedule is very important.

6. Waiting in Long Queues

We mentioned before that forgetting to make FastPass reservations is a major mistake. This is because those FastPasses will help you avoid long queues.

Long wait times are a surefire way to make people in your party grumpy, and that’s never good. Therefore, we recommend grabbing FastPasses for the rides with the longest lines, and waiting until early morning or late evening to ride the ones you can’tFastPass in order to avoid long queues.

7. Becoming Dehydrated

Because Florida is such a hot, sunny place, and because Disney World requires so much walking, it can be very easy to become dehydrated. Obviously, this is no good at all.
To avoid the headaches, nausea, and other awful things that come along with dehydration, be sure to drink plenty of water. Free cups of water can be obtained at any counter-service restaurant that serves fountain drinks. All you have to do is ask.

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