11 Attractions That Must Be on Your Disney To-Do List

Main St. USA
Main St. USA

A brief glance at a Disney website or a Disney map will tell you that there are many attractions to experience in every park. These 11 attractions are ones that you simply cannot skip!

11) It’s A Small World. The history of Disney is all around you in the parks, and there’s nothing like a classic Disney song to remind you of its past. Feel free to go on this ride many times; with all of the vibrant colors and details to take in, you’ll definitely want to!

10) Ellen’s Energy Adventure. There’s nothing quite like a combination of comedy, education, and dinosaurs! If your kids find DINOSAUR to be a bit overwhelming, go to Epcot for an entertaining movie and a fun time-traveling journey with Ellen Degeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy. With Bill Nye’s kid-friendly explanations and Ellen’s famous humor, this attraction is also fun for adults!

9) The Jungle Cruise. There’s nothing boring about this classic ride! This cruise provides Disney visitors with a detailed replica of the real jungle, accompanied by some delightfully corny jokes from the guides and more than a few surprises. Be warned: If your kids aren’t particularly brave, they may be a little frightened by this one, but the thrills are half of the fun!

8) Soarin’. Disney is all about the experience, and enjoying activities that may usually be out of your reach is just one more special way to embrace the magic! Soarin’ is a very popular ride, but its lines are indoors, and you will soon find yourself rewarded for your time by “soarin’” over a variety of landscapes. This ride’s authenticity makes it all the more incredible; and due to some unique Disney technology, you can even smell the different environments as you fly over them!

7) Maharajah Jungle Trek. It is hard to believe that there could be anything more impressive than a Kilimanjaro Safari, but the Maharajah Jungle Trek has its own wonderful experiences to offer. While the safari may be the more well-known of the two, the Jungle Trek offers you an entirely different group of animals in a relatively relaxing environment. On a hot day, watching the tigers and exploring the jungle at your leisure can be just as pleasurable as a safari, with far less crowds.

6) The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. As indicated by its name, this ride is not for the cowardly, but if you have no problem with heights–or you’re just feeling brave–this ride is not one to be missed. Enjoy the birds-eye view of the park; just make sure your seatbelt is buckled tightly!

5) Kali River Rapids. Whether or not you will get wetter on Splash Mountain than on this ride is debatable, but, nevertheless, the Kali River Rapids do provide you with beautiful scenery, laughter, and one memorable trip! If you have relatives who prefer dry land, send them up to the bridge, where they can participate in the fun by wielding water guns against the riders below them.

4) The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. As one of the well-known roller coasters in Hollywood Studios, this ride is always in demand. This, of course, means longer waits, but most of the waiting is done inside, and the end result is a fantastic high-speed journey with Aerosmith!

3) Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. In case this ride’s name is not a clear hint, Expedition Everest takes you to astonishing heights and gives you an excellent view of the Animal Kingdom. Like many Disney rides, it combines thrilling speeds with an entertaining story; keep an eye out for all of the setting’s intricacies as you are waiting in line!

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2) Splash Mountain. With classic songs, detailed animatronics, and a watery drop that never gets old, Splash Mountain is a perfect example of Disney’s magic! Keep in mind that, since it is “Splash” Mountain, you will probably get wet at some point.

1) Kilimanjaro Safaris. For everyone who simply cannot make it to the real African savannah, look no further than the Animal Kingdom and its incredible Harambe Wildlife Reserve. With open-air trucks, a storyline that educates visitors about the dangers of poaching, and, of course, a wonderfully authentic environment, every safari is its own distinct journey! Be sure to go at least once, but you won’t regret going a second time—or a third!

When you’re going to Disney, your to-do list may seem impossibly long, but prioritizing your list with these coveted attractions is an easy way to create an organized—and fun—vacation! One more thing for your list: check before your trip and make sure that your favorite rides will be open!

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