11 Things You’ll Love About Animal Kingdom after Dark

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After years of being under appreciated, Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom has finally achieved its full potential! Formerly a half-day destination, this park now has sun-up to moonrise hours. With these new hours, the Animal Kingdom has also been enjoying a new slew of entertainment, dining options, and attraction experiences. Today, we want to discuss the best things a guest can experience after the sun has gone down. Let us delve into the reasons why you must allot at least one full day for this magnificent park!

1. An African Safari … At Night

A beloved AK attraction, most guests try to ride the Kilimanjaro Safari as early as possible due to higher animal activity. Now, there is an equally great option for the night owls. By riding the safari at a later time, guests (for the first time ever) will finally see animals that are primarily active at night! This is your chance to finally see the majestic lions prowling about. Keep your ears peeled for their roars in the dark. Cue the goosebumps.

2. Nightly Climbing Expedition

Another crowd-pleasing attraction, the Expedition Everest roller coaster is well known for its precarious descent and backward plummet. Now, what could make this experience even more terrifying? Experiencing it in darkness! (Personally, I thought the Yeti was terrifying enough in the daytime.) I can only imagine that the overall experience is twice as thrilling at twilight. As always, remember you are challenging the mountain at your own risk.

3. A Trip Down the Rapids

Getting drenched on the Kali River Rapids may not appeal to everyone, but keep this fact in mind folks. Florida humidity can be brutal and last well into nighttime hours. A cool-off from this ride could really hit the spot for any drained or sweaty visitors. (Plus, most rides feel faster in the dark. I’m sure this would apply to a bumpy journey over the precarious rapids!)

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