11 Tips for Tackling Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Castle Mickey Mouse

9. Dress for Comfort

In order to enjoy everything we have listed, you’ll need to be dressed to survive ajam-packed theme park day. Pick out outfits that are breathable, lightweight, and weather-appropriate. Forget about having a perfect hair day and don a hat if you burn easily. Lastly, prioritize comfortable footwear above else. Ladies especially, if you want to wear skirts or dresses, find a pair of walking sandals and leave the stylish heels at home. You can still put together a sleek ensemble, just don’t forget that you’re in Orlando. On top of a swamp. Dress accordingly. (And don’t forget that sunscreen!)

10. Stay Hydrated

Speaking of swamp-like humidity, Florida is hot. Very hot. Therefore, you can never be too prepared when it comes to hydration. Pack water bottles. Make use of Disney’s refillable mugs. Also, don’t forget that most food and beverage stands will give you cups of free water when requested. After all, dealing with dizziness or exhaustion from the heat is not going to make your day any more magical! Always make time for those water breaks.

11. Get Your Kiss Goodnight

Most guests end their perfect Magic Kingdom day by watching the fireworks show, but not everyone knows about the Kiss Goodnight. This is a simple show that plays on Cinderella Castle a handful of times before the park officially closes. The spectacle itself is nothing groundbreaking. The castle lights up with additional sparkles, music plays, and a heartfelt narration thanks the guests for visiting. And yet, there is something so special and goosebumps-inducing about this little touch. It’s the ideal finale to a Disney day.

With all of these tips, we wish you the best of luck in planning and executing your perfect Magic Kingdom visit. Happy and magical planning!

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