12 Reasons You’ll Love the Atmosphere at Disney

Haven’t been to Disney yourself yet or wonder what all the fuss is about? Here’s a list of 12 things about the atmosphere at Walt Disney World that you’ll absolutely love!

1. The Sights

Disney theme parks and resorts are not like any other theme parks. They are truly breathtakingly beautiful. No matter where you look, there is a feast for the eyes. Architecture, colors, beautiful flowers and trees, and so on- It is truly delightful.

2. Cleanliness

Piggybacking off the lovely sights, Disney is clean. You will not find litter and unkempt facilities! This is pretty consistent throughout the parks and you might not even notice it because it just feels like the “norm” there. How refreshing!

3. The Sounds

There’s always a purposeful soundtrack being played wherever you are, piping music to your ears so that you have the optimal thematic experience for wherever you may be standing. You’ll also love how your favorite Disney music is incorporated into evening spectacles and parades!

4. The Smells

It’s no accident that the smell of pastries from the Main Street Bakery (now Starbucks, but still essentially the same place) wafts out so strongly just as you walk by. They actually fan delicious smells out to entice you. You’ll find delicious smells all over the parks, waiting to peak your curiosity and lure you to your next snack.

5. Family bonding

Disney is a place where even teenagers let their guards down and enjoy being a little bit “goofy.” Walt Disney envisioned his park as a place where kids and adults could both enjoy themselves, together. He has certainly realized that vision with his theme parks!

6. Happy, pleasant people

For the most part, you are going to be surrounded by people having a wonderful time. The Cast Members are particularly friendly, and hopefully you’ll find your fellow guests to be equally delightful (most of them are)!

7. Amazing details

So much work is put into the details of Disney parks and resorts by the Imagineers that you can’t help but be impressed. Even the bathrooms and queues (the areas where you wait in line) are beautifully executed.

8. Convenience

Everything you need to enjoy your trip is readily available; if it’s not, someone might even help you find it. You have access to transportation, lovely accommodations, thrills, relaxing shows, world-class attractions, delicious dining, and a variety of experiences all at your fingertips. You will find that you never have to look to long for a restroom or walk too many steps for a trash can. Disney is designed with convenience in mind.

9. Theming

Every space is purposefully created and fits into the appropriate theme. Look at the foliage in Adventureland- it’s bamboo. Look at it in Tomorrowland- metal palm trees. The gift shop you’re in? It fits right into the theme. Your resort room? You won’t find a duplicate of it at a differently themed resort.

10. Safety

There are exceptions to everything, but as a whole you can truly feel safe on Disney property. Of course, common sense can never go out the window. Being alone still requires some vigilance, and flashing money around is never a good idea. But generally speaking, when you wander Disney’s parks and resorts you feel a sense of safety and security. There are people at every turn who can help direct you, so it’s unlikely that you could ever truly get lost. There’s assistance for all types of issues, from temporarily missing party members to medical issues. It’s about as safe as it can get!

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11. Escape from the real world

Everyone needs a break from life’s stressors sometimes, and being at Disney World is like being at an all-inclusive carefree resort. The atmosphere is so comprehensively magical that you truly can forget there is a world outside the resort boundaries.

12. Quality and quantity

The experiences available at Disney World are truly of quality- top rate performances, nightly astounding fireworks spectacles, beautifully done parades, amazing attractions, delectable dining options- you can’t dispute that Disney offers incredible quality experiences. There’s also so much to do, available in such a variety of experiences, that you also have a great quantity of choices.

What is it about the Disney atmosphere that your family likes best? If you haven’t yet visited, what are you most looking forward to?

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