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A Review of Topolino’s Terrace Restaurant at Walt Disney World

Mickey Mouse Topolino's Terrace

Disney’s Riviera Resort is the newest on property, with lots of amenities that guests are falling in love with.  One of the stand-out highlights of the resort is it’s Signature dining restaurant: Topolino’s Terrace: Flavors of the Riviera.  Here, you’ll find an upscale dining experience at dinner, and “Topolino” (little mouse, in Italian) himself along with some pals for a ...

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How NOT To Be Exhausted On Your Trip To Walt Disney World Resort

Castle Pathway

Theme park-centered vacations can be exciting, energetic, and magical.  However, they can also be draining to one’s energy. Parents full of great intentions plan amazing trips with their children, only to become burnt out halfway through (or earlier).  As a mom, I can certainly relate to this feeling. Encouraging little ones to eat and sleep when they should, to stand ...

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13 Restaurants You Must Try at Walt Disney World

There are so many reasons that restaurants are loved- for exquisite food, for decadent desserts, for the one-of-a-kind views, or for the overall unique experience and ambiance.  Whether you love a restaurant or not depends on what qualities you value most as a guest. The restaurants on this list are renowned for a variety of reasons, but we’re sure that ...

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Experiences Men Will Enjoy At Walt Disney Word Resort

Tomorrowland Transit Authority

Is your husband fully on-board with your Disney obsession?  If he is, you’ve won the hubby lottery! If not, don’t worry- this isn’t uncommon.  This is a huge generalization, and we know that there are plenty of spouses and family members who don’t “get” your Disney obsession- not just husbands.  There are certainly plenty of women who will also thoroughly ...

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Activities For Kids to Enjoy Around the Resorts at Walt Disney World

All Star Movie Resort

You’ve planned the perfect Walt Disney World vacation- reserved character meals, obtained FastPasses, and scheduled time to ride all of the kid-friendly rides- and yet somehow, your child still wants to do things “at the hotel.” Sometimes the parks can be overwhelming, and kids express this desire for some down time.   Luckily, there are tons of amazing activities for ...

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12 Terrific Facts About The Magic Kingdom Utilidors


Since discovering Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has utilidors, I have been very interested in what exactly goes on down there. This area, known as the utilidors, is a series of tunnels that makes it possible for Cast Members to move between lands and across the park in an efficient, covert manner. Thanks to the utilidors, guests don’t watch dumpsters ...

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How to Enjoy Disney Parks When They’re Most Crowded

Cinderella Castle Disney World Resort - Emporium

Sometimes you have to travel at one of Walt Disney World’s most crowded times, and let’s face it- the “off season” doesn’t exist the way it did in the past.  If you’re traveling at a peak time, you’ll want to take advantage of a few of these tips to minimize your wait times and crowd-navigating.  Don’t be discouraged if the ...

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Traveling the World Showcase with Kid – 8 Kid-Approved Activities to Enjoy


Performances There are many live performances that occur throughout the day in the World Showcase, and most of them would interest children.  Check out live rock music provided by the British Invasion in the UK Pavilion, or enjoy the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats in China.  Serveur Amusant, located in Italy, does some amusing but dangerous tricks involving stacking chairs, and the ...

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Traveling the World Showcase with Kid – 8 Kid-Approved Activities to Enjoy

Festival of the arts

People often think that Epcot, especially the World Showcase half of the park, is not the most kid-friendly place.  The World Showcase is home to many festivals, most of which emphasize delicious and unique food and drinks.  While it’s true that the World Showcase may not rank as a favorite for children when competing against rides in the Magic Kingdom, ...

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Stuck at Home?  11 Ways to Bring the Disney Magic to You 

cars board game

Puzzles & Games Finally- time to do that huge Disney puzzle that’s been sitting on your shelf, unopened!  Clear off some counter or table space and work on a puzzle with your family to pass the time and keep everyone calm.  Disney games are also widely available, even on Amazon. Some are great for little ones, while others will appeal ...

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