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Whether we like it or not, shopping does end up becoming a part of our Walt Disney World Resort vacations more often than not. Who can resist the lure of a souvenir shop? Certainly not me!

Sure, you can take a trip over to Disney Springs to visit the huge World of Disney Store, but with all the great smaller shops sprinkled throughout each theme park, you really don’t need to! Here are a few of the best shops in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World if you’re looking to take some magic home with you!

Main Street U.S.A.

The Emporium


The mother of all shops is the Emporium, which stretches along the entire length of Main Street U.S.A from the Firehouse to Casey’s Corner. Here, you’ll find everything from a Mickey Mouse plush to dish towels for your kitchen to jigsaw puzzles and holiday decor. You can absolutely get away with going just here and nowhere else- but why would you want to limit yourself? While it’s true that they sell the biggest selection of Disney merchandise in the park, there are still things that you’ll find elsewhere that they do not carry sometimes.

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Crystal Arts


On the other said of Main Street you’ll find another favorite shop: Crystal Arts, presented by Arribas Brothers. This is one of the most fascinating shops in the Disney parks, full of handblow glass pieces and other crystal collectibles. It’s worth a stop just to see the artist at work inside the shop. Be sure to mind little ones in here; there are just so many fragile items everywhere! If you’re looking for a unique gift, take Crystal Arts into consideration. They have everything from tiaras to vases to figurines and ornaments, and they’re all Disney themed or based on Disney characters.

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Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin Photos

Yes, this is actually a shop- but it’s also where you scan your magic band to retrieve your ride photo (and where you can purchase photos). For me, the magic of this tiny shop is taking the same picture, year after year, with a huge Zurg behind bars. If your little ones are fans of Toy Story, you’ll find lots of cute toys in here as well- it’s pretty much all they sell.

Star Traders

Credit: Disney

Located in Tomorrowland, Star Traders has a decent selection of pins to browse, as well as some housewares and your standard plush and souvenir items. The coolest part about this shop is the fact that the PeopleMover goes through it. Next time you ride, look down- you’ll see the inside of the shop! Despite being called Star Traders, this isn’t where you’ll find most of the Star Wars merchandise in the Magic Kingdom. For that, you’ll want to head over to…

Tomorrowland Light & Power Co

When you exit Space Mountain, you’ll pass through the Tomorrowland Light & Power Co shop. This is where you’ll be able to get your Star Wars fix in the Magic Kingdom. That being said, their selection is fairly limited. If you’re looking for Star Wars merch, hold out for your Hollywood Studios day. They also have a pretty “out of this world” selection of phone cases.

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Big Top Souvenirs

Credit: Disney

Though this gift shop sells less than it has in the past, it’s still a nice cool stop and rest break for a hot day. The handmade candy coated caramel apples are to die for, and are the main draw for visiting Big Top Souvenirs. There are now some tables to sit and relax at in air conditioning, too, which is a nice addition. Anyone who’s tried to devour a candy coated apple outside in August can really appreciate this!

Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire is a shop that you could easily miss, even though it’s located in the heart of Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. The shop is located right by the exit of Mickey’s Philharmagic. My favorite thing about this fairly small shop is that they always seem to have a really nice selection of hats.

Sir Mickey’s

Just after you pass through Cinderella Castle into Fantasyland, you’ll find Sir Mickey’s on your right, entwined by a beanstalk. This shop is a must for us, mainly because we need to stop in and Willie the Giant who is lifting the roof and peeking into the shop. Sir Mickey’s is entwined by a beanstalk, and specializes in costume pieces and accessories. If you’re looking for a Cape or a cute pair of earrings for a little one, this is a sweet spot to shop.

Bonjour! Village Gifts

Credit: Disney

This quaint little shop fits right in to the New Fantasyland area near Beast’s Castle, Gaston’s Tavern, and Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid. This shop is not a typical souvenir stop; rather, it sells Disney-themed art, as well as other collectibles and Beauty and the Beast themed items.

Liberty Square

Memento Mori

Credit: Disney

Memento Mori is located adjacent to The Haunted Mansion near Columbia Harbor House. Though very small, it has a cool assortment of Haunted Mansion merchandise. Fun fact: “Memento Mori” is Latin for, “Remember that you will die.” Not very Disney-esque to remind us of the inevitability of death, now is it?

Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

Ye old Christmas Shoppe
Credit: Disney

One of my favorite souvenirs is a Christmas decoration, usually an ornament, to take home to remember the trip. Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe is my go-to spot for finding a nice selection of ornaments. I also love their Nightmare Before Christmas items!

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Frontier Trading Post

Credit: Disney

This is one of my favorite shops for pin shopping in the Magic Kingdom. You’ll find it located in Frontierland, obviously, along the parade route next to Pecos Bill’s Tale Tale Inn and Cafe. Because they sell loads of pins, they also usually have a pin board out to make trades.


Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar

Credit: Disney

Located in Adventureland, you’ll find this highly themed shop as you exit the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. We’ve spent many Disney gift cards here and have found lots of fun souvenirs here for our young pirate, ranging from cool skeleton keys to pirate-themed Mickey toys to spyglasses and swords.

Did your favorite Magic Kingdom shop make the list? Stay tuned for more on how to get your Disney shopping fix in the other theme parks!

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