12 Signs That You May Be A Total Disney Fanatic!

My Disney Experience

4. The My Disney Experience App is Permanently on Your Phone

Nearly everyone who visits Disney world downloads the My Disney Experience app. However, most people delete the app once they leave Disney. Only true fans keep the app year-round, and the crazy fanatics out there even check it from time to time just to get that warm and fuzzy feeling that the thought of Disney World brings on.

3. The Disney Store is a Regular Stop for You

Most major cities have a Disney Store. If you make this store a regular part of your week, you might just have a Disney addiction. After all, the store gives guests a perfect taste of that magical Disney feeling, and offers a great way to get your Disney fix between visits to the parks

2. You Plan Your Next Disney Vacation While on a Disney Vacation

Ending a Disney vacation is painful. However, for die-hard fanatics, it's just too much to bear. Fortunately, the pain can be eased by leaving the resort with another vacation already in the works. For this reason, many fanatics get to work planning their next Disney getaway before they ever even leave the property.

1. You See Every New Disney Movie ASAP

A good Disney fan can be found in the movie theater on opening day of any given Disney movie. Not only that, but these individuals have likely seen every previous Disney movie they could get their hands on, and will gladly have a conversation about these movies any time at all.

By Chelsea

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