12 Signs That You May Be A Total Disney Fanatic!

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Disney is hugely popular right now, and a good number of kids, teens, young adults, and even middle-aged people like to claim they're Disney fans. That said, not all of them are as diehard as they claim to be. Fortunately, there are ways to separate the posers from the true fanatics.

 Wondering if you're a total Disney fanatic? Here are 12 signs you might be. If a number of these apply to you, you're probably a fanatic with an addiction that simply can't be cured. Therefore, your best bet is to continue diving deeper into the world of Disney and enjoy every minute of it.

12. You Have a Disney Song for Everything

Disney songs are a wonderful thing. They're catchy, magical, and because they’re used in a wide variety of situations, finding a Disney song that applies to any given scenario is almost always possible.

That said, the average individual doesn't retain Disney songs well enough to do this. A Disney fanatic, on the other hand, plays Disney music almost constantly, and can easily find an appropriate Disney song no matter what's going on, turning every day into a real-life musical.

11. Your Year Revolves Around Disney Trips

Do you find yourself scheduling big events around your Disney vacations and hoping your loved ones wait to get married and give birth in order to avoid interrupting your vacations? If so, you're probably a pretty die-hard fan. In fact, the only thing more telling is a person who remembers dates of past events based on which Disney trip occurred immediately before or after the memory in question.

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