12 Survival Tips for your Disney Vacation

Castle 7 Dwarfs Mine Train

Let's Recap!

1.  Do not underestimate the importance of sleep! - Survival, when we’re talking about enjoying vacation and not true life or death, is really a mindset.

2.  Don’t neglect the basics- sunscreen, water, etc. - Especially during the hottest months, it’s so important  to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

3.  Pay attention to your feet - If you start to feel a “hot spot” on your foot, don’t neglect it.

4.  Rope drop - Arriving for “rope drop”- or park opening- is a best practice for Disney guests.

5.  Get familiar with the parks (before you’re inside) - Don’t be that guy standing in the middle of the walkway looking at a map if you can help it!  

6.  Take breaks - Going to the parks from morning till night is not sustainable for most families on a week-long vacation.

7.  Try to alternate indoor and outdoor activities - This tip is particularly geared toward the hottest months- but in Florida, that’s most of them!   

8.  Don’t overdo the food - If you’re anything like me, you get really excited when you can start making Advanced Dining Reservations (or ADRs) for your trip.

9.  Have someone experienced make FastPasses with you - If you’re not experienced with FastPass reservations, seek some help.

10.  Plan ahead for any special needs of your family - Give some thought to the needs of everyone in your traveling party, and know what is available to you before you go.

11.  When in doubt, Bring the stroller - Your child may be an infrequent stroller user at home, but Disney is a whole different animal!   

12.  Temper your expectations & know when to “Let it Go” - This is really hard advice to take if you’re a perfectionist over-planner like me, but flexibility is key to survival.

By Meredith Smisek

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