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12 Survival Tips for your Disney Vacation

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There’s no doubt that travelling to Walt Disney World is magical and fun, but there’s a reason why this article has  “survival” in the title. A Disney vacation isn’t always relaxing, and it’s so easy to over extend yourself as you try to visit evey park and accomplish a long list of things to see and do.  For that reason, it’s so easy to get run down, stressed, and cranky if you don’t pay attention the mood of your group (and yourself)! Here are 12 “survival” tips to help you stay calm and happy on your magical vacation.

1.  Do not underestimate the importance of sleep!

Survival, when we’re talking about enjoying vacation and not true life or death, is really a mindset.  Sleep plays a bit part in making sure you don’t unravel or lose your temper! It may be worth letting go of plans in order to make sure everyone has sufficient sleep.  Incorporate naps as needed, and consider having a “rest day” a few days into your trip.

2.  Don’t neglect the basics- sunscreen, water, etc.

Especially during the hottest months, it’s so important  to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You can bring your own bottle and refill it if you want to save some cash.  You can also ask for free cups of ice water at quick service dining locations as well as many snack stands. Sunscreen, too, is an absolute must.  Avoid getting a vacation sunburn at all costs! Not only is it unhealthy, but it could potentially ruin the rest of your trip.

3.  Pay attention to your feet

If you start to feel a “hot spot” on your foot, don’t neglect it.  You may want to switch your footwear on alternating days, or use moleskin on trouble spots.  Some resort shops may sell helpful items (like the aforementioned moleskin or bandages), but it always seems to be impossible to find a pair of scissors to cut them to size; always keep a small pair in your toiletry bag.

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