12 Things We Love About the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot

When visiting World Showcase in Epcot, many guests make the Mexico pavilion their first stop. Not only does this pavilion have an attraction, but it also contains many interesting gems that share parts of the Mexican culture with guests.

12. The Exterior

Unlike the other pavilions that offer a courtyard or garden area, the bulk of the Mexico pavilion is located indoors. Before going inside, guests are lead up the steps to a Mesoamerican pyramid. Impressive in its size, this pyramid also contains the control room for the Illuminations firework and laser show.

11. Nighttime Interior

No matter what time of day you visit this pavilion, it is always evening. Once entering the pyramid, guests feel like they are back outside with special lighting, effects, and even a volcano in the background that make it look like guests are at a market place at night. This effect is usually reserved for dark rides, but it works to create a fun and magical atmosphere throughout the pavilion.

10. La Cava del Tequila

One of the benefits to having a nightlife at all hours of the day is that it doesn’t feel too early to enjoy an alcoholic beverage at La Cava del Tequila. This area, just to the right upon entering the pavilion’s marketplace, serves up a variety of tequilas, specialty margaritas, and a few appetizers. Some seeing is available and no reservations are required.

9. Gran Fiesta Tour

Mexico’s one attraction, the Gran Fiesta Tour, takes guests on a slow moving boat ride where Panchito and Jose of the Three Caballeros are looking for Donald Duck. Before the hide and seek game starts, guests sail past one of the pavilion’s restaurants and right alongside the smoking volcano. It’s a great attraction for all ages.

8. San Angel Inn

The restaurant guests ride past is called San Angel Inn. This Table Service restaurant offers a variety of Mexican dishes in a cozy atmosphere. Some tables are even located right along the water so guests can wave to those taking the Gran Fiesta Tour. Items on the menu include quesadillas, tacos, enchiladas, and a creamy Bavarian mousse dessert.

7. The Ambiance

As we’ve said before, the nighttime atmosphere is something that is unique to the Mexican pavilion. It’s worth stepping inside just for the opportunity to take all the sights in. Throw a coin into the fountain or take a look at the artwork on display when you first enter the pavilion. Be sure to also take a look at the mosaic finish along the walls and the décor. There’s a lot to look at if you have a few moments to enjoy it.

6. The Shopping

The center of the indoor pavilion is the marketplace. You can find anything from clothing to jewelry, to handmade carvings, to bottles of tequila. Even if you’re not buying anything, take a look around and see what the merchants are selling. The items themselves give you a glimpse into the Mexican culture along with the usual Disney merchandise souvenirs.

5. Glass Making

Inside one of the shops, to the left near the entrance to the Gran Fiesta Tour attraction, is a place where you can watch one of the Cast Members create glass figurines. There’s no time limit as to how long guests can stay so you have the opportunity to see something start off as a tube of glass and become a beloved Disney character right before your eyes. Completed figurines are available for purchase within the store.

4. Mariachi Cobre

Back outside, guests can listen to the Mariachi Cobre band play a selection of songs right outside the pyramid. Times are posted near where the band performs so be sure to check the sign, the Times Guide, or the My Disney Experience App.

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3. Cantina de San Angel

For a Quick Service option, the Cantina de San Angel offers a small selection of Mexican food with seating available right on the water. Some alcoholic beverages may be purchased here as well and guests can get the churritos with caramel sauce as a dessert. This is also a great place to stop by at night to watch Illuminations.

2. La Hacienda de San Angel

The Mexican pavilion’s fourth food and drink venue is La Hacienda de San Angel. It’s an indoor Table Service restaurant also located right on the water. This also offers great views of Illuminations and features dishes like empanadas, New York steak, marinated chicken, braised short ribs, and a selection of Mexican beer and margaritas.

1. Meet Donald Duck

Kids and kids are heart will want to stop by and meet the one and only Donald Duck all decked out in his Mexican sombrero and poncho. This meet and greet is usually located right next to the pyramid in a cool, shady spot. Be sure to have your autograph books and cameras ready.

There is so much the Mexican pavilion has to offer guests as far as sights, sounds, smells, and tastes go. You’ll definitely want to make this pavilion a priority through your trip along World Showcase in Epcot.

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