12 Things You’ll Love About The Restaurants In Epcot’s United Kingdom Pavilion

Rose and Crown Pub

In the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot, there are four places you can get something to eat or drink and each one offers something unique you’ll absolutely love. They include The Rose and Crown Dining Room, Rose and Crown Pub, UK Beer Cart, and the Yorkshire County Fish Shop. Together they provide a number of reasons why you’ll love stopping here.

12. UK Beer Selection

If you’re looking for a quick drink outdoors while exploring the rest of the pavilion, you can stop at the UK Beer Cart and choose from a selection of Bass Ale, Stella Atrois, Guinness, Newcastle Ale, or a cider with the option of adding a souvenir stein with your purchase. Cheers!

11. Quick Service Fish and Chips

The Yorkshire County Fish Shop is a great Quick Service station that provides English fish and chips, which is two strips of fish and the American equivalent of French fries, to go. You can also get a sponge cake or an ale or lager to go with it. This is perfect for a quick bite to eat that’s not too heavy.

10. You Can Eat in the Gardens

What you’ll really love about having the beer cart and fish stand is that you can take your purchase with you and eat in the garden area behind the gift shops in the pavilion. On occasion, bands like British Revolution and the Paul McKenna Band will be playing, adding some entertainment to your meal.

9. Indoor Seating Area at Rose and Crown

If you choose to dine indoors at the Rose and Crown restaurant, you’ll be treated to a charming décor that is both cozy and rustic. A fireplace and British posters add a nice touch and the atmosphere is always friendly, which is perfect for families.

8. The Rose and Crown Musician

During select times, the Rose and Crown is host to a piano player who will take requests and invite guests to sing along. If you happen to be there during a show, be sure to join in.

7. Outdoor Seating at Rose and Crown

The Rose and Crown also offers outdoor seating right on the water. If you’re there for dinner, you can watch as the globe used for Illuminations is brought out and set in place for the fireworks show later that night. It also provides a great view of the other pavilions.

6. Illuminations Seating

You can also book your dinner to coincide with the Illuminations show and have a VIP seat for the experience. Even if you eat a bit earlier, sometimes the servers will give you a ticket that will allow you to come back and return to the outdoor seating area to view the show then. Its beats having to push your way through a crowd.

5. Great Pub Snacks

The Rose and Crown Pub area offers more than just beer. A small menu can be found by the bar and you’re free to order what you want without a reservation or without having to go somewhere else to find a table. You can feel right at home like it was a bar in your own town.

4. Great Bartenders

A big factor that allows you to feel to at ease in a bar is due to the amazing bartenders. They’ll great you like you’re a regular, even if they’ve never met you before, and give you their personal recommendations if you’re not sure what to order. If you’re there, ask for Carl and the Carl Special.

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3. The Appetizers

Before you even get to the main course at the Rose and Crown, you have a wonderful selection of appetizers including the UK Cheese Platter and the Scotch Egg. The Scotch Egg, if you’ve never had it, is a hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage, then wrapped in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. It’s delicious.

2. The Entrees

You really can’t go wrong with the Rose and Crown’s selection for entrees. There’s something for everyone, including picky eaters. There’s the traditional fish and chips, the Welsh Pub burger, corned beef, bangers and mash, and Shepherd’s pie or vegetable cottage pie. You can also order a New York strip steak here.

1. The Cast Members

Hands down the greatest thing you’ll love about the restaurants in the UK are the Cast Members. They’re all local from the UK and, if you ask, they’ll be happy to tell you about where they live, what they like to do, and what their favorite dishes are. You really get a feel for the culture more by taking the time to talk to them and really learn about where they’re from. If you ever plan on visiting the UK, they can also provide recommendations on places to visit while you’re there.

The UK pavilion is a great place to be for good food and good drinks. You can get a beer at all four of these locations and the entertainment combined with the friendly company makes for a great nighttime experience as well.

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