12 Things You’ll Love About the United Kingdom Pavilion in Epcot

England at Epcot

The United Kingdom pavilion in World Showcase, the second country when entering from the right-hand side, is filled with fairy tale elements, music, and good food for all ages. Whether visiting in the morning or at night, there’s something everyone will love.

12. Yorkshire Fish Shop

For those looking for a quick bite to eat, the fish shop is a great Quick-Service counter to get the classic British fish and chips and a selection of beverages. The paper served in the basket with the meal even looks like printed newspaper, similar to how it’s served in the UK.

11. The Shopping

With a number of connected gift shops, there are tons of memorabilia to find here. There’s a section devoted to sports, especially soccer (football as it’s called there), and shops dedicated to British pop culture and the royal family. You can find shirts, mugs, and posters from Dr. Who, The Beatles, Monty Python, and so much more. The Winnie the Pooh stories also originated in the UK and you can find books and plush toys from the Hundred Acre Woods.

10. The Architecture and Gardens

The building somehow combine not only different time periods, but different styles of architecture. Some are designed after cottages while others are influenced from Georgian and Victorian noble houses. The chimneys even have soot stains for a realistic effect. The gardens are also not to be missed. There’s a small maze, a gazebo, and a variety of English flowers guests can wander through and relax in.

9. Find Your Family Crest

In one of the gift shops, you can look up your family name and see if there’s a British family crest. There’s a large book on the counter to sort through. Once you’ve found your name, tell the Cast Member who will pull up your crest and the meaning of your family name. From there you can get it framed or put on a shirt to take as a souvenir. Even if you don’t plan on buying, you can still take the time to see what the crest looks like.

8. Rose and Crown Pub Musician

For entertainment, families and visit the Rose and Crown Pub. While pubs aren’t generally a place for children, the entertainer is sure to include them while she plays piano and invites guests of all ages to sing along. You may even hear a few Disney favorites.

7. Rose and Crown Dining

Dinner at the Rose and Crown is a real treat. Named for the two most popular words used in British pubs, the Table-Service restaurant includes indoor seating with a fireplace or outdoor seating along the water. The food is spectacular from the traditional fish and chips or bangers and mash to shepherd’s pie or corned beef. The outdoor seating area also serves as a viewing area for Illuminations.

6. UK Beer Cart

The United Kingdom is also home to a wide variety of beers, with a number of them being found at the outdoor beer cart. Get a drink and wander around the rest of the pavilion or take in some of the entertainment. If you can’t decide, ask the Cast Member for a recommendation.

5. Rose and Crown Pub

Of course, if you’re really looking for an authentic drinking experience, for those 21 and older, you really need to check out the Rose and Crown Pub area. The bartenders greet you as if you’re a regular and make time to chat with everyone, even on crowded days. The atmosphere is friendly and energetic and a small selection of bar snacks are available to order as well.

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4. Meet Mary Poppins

Everyone’s favorite practically perfect nanny can be found at the United Kingdom pavilion, ready to greet guests before the winds change. Be sure to have your cameras and autograph books ready.

3. Meet Pooh and Tigger

In the gift shop found way in the pack, where the Winnie the Pooh memorabilia is found, guests can also meet Pooh and Tigger who are tucked away in the back room. These lovable characters can sometimes have a shorter line than their Magic Kingdom location as the meet and greet area isn’t as out in the open.

2. Meet Alice

Another character meet and greet opportunity is with Alice from the Alice in Wonderland film. You can usually find her outside the cottage, weather pending, ready to share her stories with guests.

1. Live Entertainment

The best thing about the United Kingdom pavilion is its music. So many iconic artist came from the UK and cover bands performing in the gazebo by the back garden and the Paul McKenna band can be found performing several times throughout the day. Guests are encouraged to bring their food and drinks with them and find a place in the garden to sit and listen. This provides a great nighttime atmosphere that really feels like a party.

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