12 Tips For Having Your Most Satisfying Disney Trip Ever

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Because Walt Disney World has such a variety of attractions and experiences for visitors, you might feel some pressure to enjoy yourself immensely during every minute of your Disney trip. This is not the case! It is all right to feel grumpy or tired, even at Walt Disney World. However, to keep those occurrences as rare as possible–and to avoid turning your vacation into a stressful task list–here are twelve tips to help you relax and enjoy.

12) Keep your priority list very small.

By having only a few absolute must-do’s, you allow yourself to approach your entire vacation in a stress-free way. You should never have to pass by something that appeals to you–not at Walt Disney World! With a daily list as simple as “Go on the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and See A Stage Show”, you’re bound to accomplish your tasks with plenty of room for anything extra that will show up–as it so often does on vacation.

11) Put space between attractions in your schedule.

Disney has plenty of surprises for visitors, so you’ll probably want to stop at some point for street shows, shops, snacks, and people-watching. After all, what’s a vacation without some spur-of-the-moment whimsy and some snack breaks?

10) Strategize when it comes to indoor rides and shade breaks.

You might not want to take a completely easygoing vacation, for fear of missing activities or attractions; however, there is no reason to power-walk your way through a vacation, either. If you need a break, head for an indoor ride like Pirates of the Caribbean, so you can enjoy a ride and rest at the same time! With a little strategy, you can make multi-tasking a very easy and stress-free part of every Disney day.

9) Visit the classics.

These attractions have earned their reputations, not just as long-standing Disney signatures, but as universal crowd-pleasers. There are plenty of Disney classics to see, particularly in the Magic Kingdom where favorites like Splash Mountain and Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress are easy to locate. Many of these rides feature animatronics, music, and comfortable indoor settings, making them a wonderful option for anyone who has read the 10th tip!

8) Take the time to see parades and shows.

Like the classic rides, a Disney parade or performance is practically a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Parades like the Main Street Electrical Parade and shows like the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular are fantastic ways to slow down and absorb some more Disney magic! And, of course, don’t forget to stop for some of the many street performers in Epcot!

7) Let yourself be childish once in a while.

No, this does not mean that you should throw tantrums or cry when there’s a long line. It just means that you should definitely hug Goofy if you would like to!

6) Travel across the Seven Seas Lagoon by boat.

While riding a FriendShip Boat in Epcot is a memorable and convenient way to travel across the “World”, a boat ride on the Seven Seas Lagoon has an even more advantageous location, giving you opportunities to see fireworks in the Magic Kingdom from an absolutely once-in-a-lifetime perspective!

5) Visit other resorts for meals.

All of the Disney resorts have great dining options, especially the Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Grand Floridian Resort! Each resort has its own unique activities and aesthetic, so each resort also has its own unique food. Visiting other resorts will also allow you to scope out any other specific places to stay for your next vacation (although there really isn’t a wrong choice!).

4) Spend some down-time at your resort.

Your resort is much more than a bed and a roof. With incredibly cheerful staff, beautiful scenery, and themes that are always chock-full of detail, every single Disney resort provides its visitors with a magical place to relax and have some fun outside of the parks! With arcades, perfect sunbathing opportunities, and special activities from trivia to movie night, these resorts prove that a Disney vacation is one trip where you definitely should not ignore your temporary home.

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3) Stay in the parks at night.

Virtually any location in the world can develop a drastically different feeling at night, and the Walt Disney World parks are no different. The parks make it easy to stay at night, with shows like the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular, Fantasmic!, and IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. Even just a nighttime view of the Magic Kingdom from across the Seven Seas Lagoon will give you a magical view. Just try to keep your schedule open late at night–crowds tend to become very thick and immobile when there are fireworks going on, so getting somewhere else might be slow going!

2) Take lots of breaks.

This will allow you to give your feet a rest and avoid sunburns, as well as to take a minute and appreciate the unreal magic of Walt Disney World! You don’t want to leave Disney without at least a few I-can’t-believe-I’m-here moments. Even just two minutes on a bench, or a ride on a ferry, can be enough to keep you going for an entire Disney day–and to keep your smile going, too!

1) Go with the right people.

This rule goes for practically every vacation in existence; vacationing with people whose company you really enjoy–or whose company you don’t–can either make or break your vacation spirit. Sure, traveling with a whole family can definitely make things more complicated, (especially with children!), but the laughs and the memories are worth it. And, if the right person just happens to be you, that’s fine too!

Walt Disney World has been around for decades. Why? Because it manages to cater to every visitor, no matter their age, Disney experience, or personality. Whether you like the more organized approach or have not even glanced at an Animal Kingdom map, there’s definitely more than one way to have a spectacular Walt Disney World experience.

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