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10 Hints for Doing Magic Kingdom Right

Castle and Balloons

10. Pack A Well-Stocked Day Pack.

Being prepared for a day of fun in the park will save time and money. Scour blogs and talk to Disney veteran friends before your trip to grasp an understanding of what items you need in your park pack. Drinks, lite snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, hats, or a light jacket are all go to items I always consider stowing in my day pack. As a cold natured person, bringing a windbreaker in the park in case of a drop in temperature during evening extra magic hours is essential.

9. But Keep In Mind Not To Overload Yourself With Bags.

This tip may seem opposite of my last piece of advice but stick with me- find a happy medium with park bags. Bring only the essentials in your day pack to avoid overloading yourself. My family likes to bring a group backpack that we rotate carrying. This (still relatively lite) bag has sunscreen for the group, a couple of ponchos, water bottles and wallets. Carrying one bag enables us to move quicker through the bag check and load rides easier while still equipping us with the essentials. We also share a group camera to avoid lugging multiples, we share photos after the trip.

8. Wear Comfy Clothes & Shoes In The Park.

Comfy clothing seems like a no-brainer for Walt Disney World. Tight clothing, uncomfortable shoes and clothing that are not a good fit for the Florida heat should be avoided. Little princesses often enjoy dressing up in beautiful sparkly dresses for their day in the park but should know that the outfit may get hot and scratchy during the long day in the park.

7. Snag Some Dining Reservations During The Day.

There are some incredible dining options in The Magic Kingdom. Crystal Palace, Be Our Guest and Tony’s Town Square Restaurant are just a few of the great dining options available to guests. Taking the time to enjoy a hearty meal during the day at The Magic Kingdom is a magical and delicious way to enhance your park day at the happiest place on earth!

6. Plan Some In-Park Snack and Rest Time into Your Schedule.

Breaking in a shaded area to take some time off your feet and enjoy a snack is a fun and relaxing way to connect as a family. Scheduling a bit of time without plans or fast passes midafternoon to open your schedule for a break is a great idea when planning. Relaxing in the shade alongside Rivers of America near the rope bridge overlooking Tom Sawyer Island is one of my favorite places to escape midday. Ample guest seating is also available near Liberty Square snack stand.

5. Study The Restroom & Dining Layout Prior To Your Trip.

As goofy as this tip sounds, being informed when you are making a mad dash for the nearest restroom is really important. Particularly if you are traveling with young children, knowing where lower traffic restrooms are located as well as restrooms near attractions you will be spending more time near could really help avoid disaster during the trip. Restroom and family restroom maps are located on the Disney website for guests to review before their trip.

4. Strategically Plan Your Fast Pass Plus Rides Prior To The Trip.

This tried and true tip is constantly mentioned on this website, it remains so true. Securing fast passes early before your trip allows you the opportunity to cut out wait times on high traffic attractions and stack your passes in the order your prefer to aid in the planning of your park day.

3. Take The Time To Enjoy a Parade.

Disney parades are second to none. The Festival of Fantasy Parade and the Main Street Electrical Parade are both more than worth the wait. Both parades are chock full of characters, princesses and talented cast members celebrating the magic throughout the park. Younger children really delight in seeing their favorite characters pass by; guests of all ages will be caught up in the magic of Disney parades.

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2. Utilize Transportation Wisely.

Utilizing Disney transportation is a huge time and stress saver when traveling between parks and resorts. In-park transportation is a great way to cut down on walking as well. I love catching the train from Main Street Station to travel to the back of the park during high foot traffic times to dodge the crowds. The Magic Kingdom Railroad is also a great idea for guests hoping to cool down and enjoy a longer attraction during the heat of the afternoon. This shaded ride gives a tour of The Magic Kingdom as the train circles the perimeter of the park.

1. Embrace Your Inner Child.

Embracing your Disney side and enjoying every moment of your Magic Kingdom day is the real key to doing Disney the right way. Be fun, be flexible, be silly and be in the moment. Make memories your family you will smile as they look back on the trip in the coming years.

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