15 Reasons Your Family Will LOVE Epcot

Epcot used to be known as an adult park while Magic Kingdom was more geared towards kids. With more attractions and experiences added since the park’s opening in 1982, Disney has made Epcot a park the entire family can enjoy. Not convinced? Here are 15 reasons why you and your family will love this park.

15. Never Too Old To Dream

One thing Epcot does well is encourage park guests of all ages to dream and to look to the future. Whether it’s inspiring creativity at the Imagination pavilion or getting up close and personal with technology in Innoventions, there are opportunities to spark your interest and wonder, what could I do?

14. Talk To Crush

While it can be perceived as an attraction for small children, all ages will enjoy Turtle Talk With Crush, located at the Seas with Nemo and Friends. Where else can you talk to an animated character and have him answer you back in real time? Funny and educational, Crush, from the film Finding Nemo, chats with young guests, but also picks on the adults.

13. You Can Fly

That’s right. Fly. Epcot is home to Soarin’, an attraction that takes guests flying through California including Disneyland during a fireworks show. A calm, soothing ride, Soarin’ is great for those not affected by heights as it tilts and turns through each scene making it feel like you are really flying.

12. Thrills For All Ages

With attractions like Test Track and Mission to Mars, thrill seekers in your family have something to look forward to. On Test Track, this family-friendly attraction allows you to create your own car, then test it out on the track reaching speeds up to 65 miles per hour. On Mission to Mars, fly off into space with the option of choosing the original version of the ride, which can be pretty intense, or the milder version which is perfect for those prone to motion sickness.

11. Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth isn’t just Epcot’s logo. It’s an attraction that takes guests through the history of communication starting from the cavemen to Egypt to Rome to the invention of the printing press to today. The second half of the ride then asks you to create your own future after answering a few quick questions on a touch screen. Perfect for all ages, it’s become a park must-do.

10. Meet Your Favorite Characters at Home

In Epcot, you can not only meet characters like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto in Future World, but you can also find other Disney favorites in their home countries throughout World Showcase. For example, find Mulan in China, Belle in France, Mary Poppins in the United Kingdom, and Aladdin and Jasmine in Morocco.

9. Take The Monorail

Doing multiple parks in one day is made so much more fun by traveling via monorail. If you start your day in the Magic Kingdom, Epcot is a quick monorail ride away. While traveling, you’ll also get a quick tour of the park and a few highlights of things to see and do before even entering the park.

8. There Are Festivals

During the Spring and Fall, Epcot is host to the Flower and Garden Festival and the Food and Wine Festival, respectively. Throughout the park, more so around World Showcase, guests can experience additional entertainments and food to try. Demonstrations are also provided from horticulture to fine dining. These festivals bring a little extra Disney magic to Epcot and always draw huge crowds.

7. You Can Shop Around the World

Not only does Epcot have a large gift shop in Future World, Mouse Gears, but each country in World Showcase also has its own set of souvenirs. Some are the standard Disney items, but you can also find unique jewelry pieces, clothing, and sculptures that were made in these countries.

6. Travel the World in a Day

Where else can you visit a variety of countries in one day? Learn more about Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Japan, France, the UK and Canada and still have time to experience attractions in Future World. There’s also a pavilion for America where guests can learn more about this country’s history.

5. There’s Family Entertainment

In addition to the attractions, most of the countries have their own set of performers who will put on shows throughout the day, weather permitting. They range from a Mariachi band in Mexico to drummers in Japan to flag dancers in Italy and more. Experience the culture of each country through their entertainment and their people’s talents. Future World also has its own JAMMitors who create music while drumming on trashcans.

4. Crafts for Kids Are Fun For All

Each county’s pavilion also has a craft station where kids, and adults, can decorate a paper Duffy the Bear and talk to a Cast Member about their country. Kids can also get Cast Members to sign the backs of their craft with a saying in their language. (i.e. Hello, Happy Birthday, etc.)

3. There’s Food For All Tastes

Not matter what your palate, or those of your family, there’s something to eat for every taste. Each country offers a few dining options and Future World includes a number of well-known restaurants. Snacks provide great opportunities to try something new from another part of the world. For the really picky eaters who like to stick with what they know, the American pavilion serves up familiar comfort foods like hot dogs and hamburgers.

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2. Illuminations

Illuminations is a wonderful night time show that combines lasers, fireworks, explosions and a beautiful soundtrack that marks the end of a great day at Epcot. If you were able to get a reservation at a restaurant located on the water, you can sometimes view the show from your table and not fight for a viewing spot.

1. The Cast Members

The best thing about Epcot is the Cast Members, especially those in World Showcase. Being natives of the countries they represent in the park, families have the opportunity to really learn something new about the people and their culture. You can learn a few new phrases, share travel stories, or just enjoy their company.

Epcot truly is a family park now. Each experience here is not only entertaining, but educational as well. Your family can walk away knowing you not only had fun, but learned something, too. Check out “The Ultimate Epcot Checklist – 12 Things You Must Do.”

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