20 Things You Could Do With Unlimited Access to Disney World

Castle Suite
Castle Suite

Imagine this- Disney execs have just granted you full access to everything and anything at Walt Disney World. What would you spend your time doing? Here’s a list of some things I’d love to do! Let’s hope this unfettered access is for more than just a day!

1. Buddy up with a VIP tour guide

Being the “rule follower” that I am, I think the first thing I might do if given an all-access, “do what you want” pass at Disney World would be to request the company of a VIP tour guide! While I’d love wander the parks at my own discretion, I would feel much better if accompanied by someone who really knows the ins and outs.

2. Roam the utilidors

Who wouldn’t love to see the area underneath the Magic Kingdom? I’ve done this on a limited basis when I took the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, but I want to see more!

3. Dress up as a character and greet guests

I’d love to visit the costume room, pick out a favorite outfit, and spend an hour or two meeting guests! If it wasn’t too hot of a day, I’d probably opt for a fur character, like Stitch.

4. Ride every attraction without waiting in line, twice

I know no one likes a line jumper, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to just walk onto every ride (and then stay on for a second time if I wanted).

5. Spend time with a Disney Imagineer

I’d love to walk around the park with an Imagineer and pick his or her brain. (One day, I’ll definitely splurge for the “Dine with an Imagineer” package at Hollywood Studios.)

6. Hop out of the Splash Mountain boat before it goes over the edge

I really love the inside of Splash Mountain, but unfortunately I have a really intense fear of the drop. I’d love to stop the log and just step out of the ride before the drop. Surely there are some nice, safe stairs I could take back down to the ground.

7. Walk around “it’s a small world”, taking selfies in each country

I happen to think that selfie-obsession is a bit silly, but I would definitely be taking a few of myself cheesing it up with the dolls in “it’s a small world” if I could!

8. Sample one bite of everything there is to eat in the World Showcase

I don’t want to waste food, so if every eatery in the World Showcase could just prepare a sample bite of all of their delicious selections and put them in tiny cups for me to grab as I stroll through, that would be fabulous.

9. Ride on a parade float

It would be hard to choose which parade I’d like to be in. Although the Festival of Fantasy parade may be my new favorite, I’d probably choose to ride in the Main Street Electrical Parade, or perhaps on the steamboat at the end of Fastasmic!

10. Take abridged versions of the behind-the-scenes tours for free

Some of the behind-the-scenes tours are quite lengthy and expensive. I’d love to have the opportunity to just see the pieces of each tour that I want. “Let’s go see the utilidors!” “Show me the animal care areas at Animal Kingdom!”

11. Roam Disney’s horticulture center

Did you know that Disney keeps replacement plants at its horticulture center? If a mature tree is damaged in some way, never to fear- there is an equally mature “understudy” tree ready to be brought in. I’d love to see this place!

12. Shadow an animal keeper at Animal Kingdom

This could take a full day. I’d love to learn more about the animal research and care at the Animal Kingdom. Following an animal keeper on his or her daily duties would be a dream!

13. Check out defunct areas

I’d love to check out defunct areas of the parks, like River Country and Discovery Island, but I’m not into sneaking in at night! I’d like to just go check them out (once again, with a guide, because I am a chicken) and see what they look like now that nature has taken over. I’d also love to get into some of the buildings and areas that are no longer used, like the area above Journey into the Imagination.

14. Spend an hour or two as a ride operator

This is definitely one of my less glamorous wishes, but I think it would be neat to learn how to be a ride operator!

15. Visit the Cast Member pin replenishment spot

I love pin trading in the parks, and be excited to check in at the pin replenishment spot (in the utilidors) and get the current Hidden Mickey pins for the day to add to my collection.

16. Get “lights on” access to a few favorite attractions, such as the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain

I’m not looking to take the magic out of my favorite rides, but I think it would be neat to see a few with the lights on!

17. Ride Toy Story Midway Mania 5 times in a row

Unless I ride this one several times in a row, I will never have a prayer at getting a decent score. I need some time to practice, and the demand for this ride just doesn’t allow for that!

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18. Load up a Disney gift card and shop, shop, shop

Surely my all-access adventure includes a very generous Disney gift card, right? I’d love to be able to buy everything I want in the gift shops without considering the price. Pins, ornaments, and perhaps a monorail to go around my Christmas tree, here I come!

19. Stay at the Magic Kingdom all night after the crowds have left

There’s nothing I like better than the Magic Kingdom after dark. I love those really late Extra Magic Hours (midnight to 3am is the best)! I’d love to have my very own Extra Magic Hours, sans crowds.

20. Spend the night in the Cinderella’s Castle suite.

At the end of an amazing all-access day at Disney World, I’m ready for bed, and what better place to sleep than in Cinderella’s Castle Suite? Money can’t even buy this experience. Very occasionally, Disney offers a stay in the suite as a prize promotion. Unless you are a celebrity, winning a promotion is your only chance.

So, what would you do if you had this amazing (and unlikely, of course) experience? Surely there are hundreds of ways to enjoy unlimited park access!

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