25 Tips and Secrets For a Stress-Free Trip To Disney World

What does Disney do with your fingerprints?

5. Avoid Bag Search Lines

Every person entering a Disney World theme park with any sort of bag must pass through the “Bag Inspection” area, and security personnel will thoroughly check each and every bag you have.  Some guests are picked randomly to pass through a metal detector.  If you want to avoid the bag check line, bring your mobile phone, ID, and Magic Band or Park Admission Tickets only.  However, if you’re picked for the metal detector scan, it doesn’t matter if you have no bags.  You must follow the instructions of the Security Personnel.

4. Take photographs of all important papers

ID’s, Resort and Dining Reservations, and members of your group or family.  This is the best way to get quick replacements, if needed.  Hopefully, no one in your group will wander away, but if you do have to contact Security, a picture is much better than any verbal description you could give.

3. Be Prepared For Rain

Rainy Disney DayFlorida is famous for its almost daily afternoon rain showers, so to lessen any water-related stress, purchase lightweight ponchos (usually in very small packages) and if there is any chance of rain in the forecast, I would slip these ponchos inside pockets or backpacks just to be on the safe side.  If it rains, you’ll be covered.

2. Buy Mickey Ears

There is no better cure for stress at Walt Disney World than purchasing one of the very unique Mickey Ears hats or headbands.  Whenever you walk by a store window or a mirror and see your reflection wearing any sort of Mickey or other Disney character hat, it will bring a smile to your face, and what better way to alleviate stress.

1. LOL

The #1 way to guarantee a stress free Disney vacation is to laugh out loud, as often as you can.  Their is plenty of fun, magic, and joy at Walt Disney World that you can’t help but laugh a lot during your visit.  Laughter is a great way to get rid of any stress you may be feeling.  All the other tips and secrets for a stress free Disney vacation are good ideas, but simply enjoying the “World of Disney” is the ultimate stress relief. Any time a family takes an extended vacation, there may be some stress at some point.  Just try some of these suggestions and tips, but most of all, don’t worry about anything and just have a fun-filled magical experience at the “most magical place on earth”.
By Cecilia

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