It's Tough To Be A Bug

5 Amazing Facts about “It’s Tough to be a Bug” in Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom is one the most beautiful parks at Walt Disney World. They have some really wild attractions there; including It’s Tough to Be a Bug. Please read below about 5 amazing facts about this classic Animal Kingdom attraction.

5. History: It’s Tough to be a Bug is an attraction based on the Disney / Pixar film “A Bug’s Life”. This attraction was premiered in the park before the film was in theaters! At the time of its debut there were only two characters from the film, Flik and Hopper were fully finished so they actually were introduced to the public six months before the film was released in theaters! Disney used guidance from entomologists (scientists who study bugs) at the Smithsonian to help create other bugs for this attraction.

4. Educational and Fun: As you enter the attraction you will be surrounded by posters advertising previous bug performances. For example ‘Beauty and the Bees’, ‘A Cockroach Line’ and many more. It is a fun place to wait for your theatrical bug production. During the show there are many fun facts about why bugs are important to our world. Did you know insects represent over 90% of animal life on Earth? Even though insects and bugs aren’t everyone’s favorite animals, they help with life on Earth in many ways and this show helps Disney fans of all ages understand how!

3. 3-D Experience: 3-D glasses transform you into an honorary bug with bug eyes once you enter the theater. These glasses give the show that awesome 3-D effect that makes this show so much fun. Flik explains at the beginning of the show that your bug eyeglasses help you see more bugs than you would without them. There are fun and exciting 3-D effects that happen during the whole eight-minute show. The theater seats over 400 people.

2. 4-D Experience: In addition to the 3-D effects, there are many several 4-D effects. The wooden seats have grooves in them. There are many different movements that happen, including sensations of bees “stinging” you and cockroaches running near your legs. The 4-D part of this show is really what makes it so special and exciting. There are also live animatronic characters, including Flik and Hopper from the Disney / Pixar film ‘It’s A Bug’s Life’. Hopper is one a very advanced animatronic and has over seventy-two functions he can perform.

1. Location: To get to the attraction you must take a winding route around
near the Tree of Life, the main centerpiece of Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. This is a great way to get an up close view of the sculpted 145 foot tree. There are over 300 animals carved into this tree and they are all beautiful. Some animals to look for are an octopus, lion, pelican and many more. It’s Tough to Be a Bug actually happens inside this giant tree. You will really feel like a small bug inside the beautiful root system of the Tree of Life.

Bonus Tip: While this attraction provides lots of fun and excitement, it may be too scary for young children. It is very dark in the theater. In addition, the 3-D effects combined with the 4-D components may be too much for small children.

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