5 Awesome But Little Known Services Offered At Walt Disney World

Cinderella's Castle
Cinderella's Castle

There are some incredible services offered at Walt Disney World that some guests may be be familiar with. I have listed a few of them in this article, some of which I have actually taken advantage of. The ones I have used are exceptional, and as usual, Disney cast members always go the extra mile to make sure each and every guest is accommodated and satisfied with their particular choices.


These services are so important to any guest who stays at a Disney Resort Hotel. If you are shopping anywhere in Walt Disney World, you can have your purchases from any store sent back to your Resort for pickup, usually the following day. Your Hotel operator will leave a message on your phone when your merchandise is ready to be picked up.

The other service offered is the shipping of all your packages to your home. This is especially handy for those guests who have traveled by airplane. Most Disney Resorts have an area where you can bring all your purchases for shipping, at a nominal fee. From personal experience, I can tell you that the cast members in charge of packing all your precious souvenirs take their time and make sure each item is safely packed with plenty of special packing paper. They also inventory every article while you are there, give you a copy of the invoice, including a tracking number, and prepare them for their trip to your home. The last time we used this service, we had several boxes of souvenirs shipped home, and all our packages arrived according to the schedule we received, and all arrived in perfect condition.

I highly recommend these two services for any guest who wants to take advantage of them.


For guests with limited English fluency, these complimentary devices are available to translate attraction narration. The Disney Show Translators are wireless headphone units guests can wear during select attractions. Each translation featuring performances by professional voice actors, provide non-English-speaking guests an opportunity to enjoy an attraction, providing a truly magical experience from start to finish. The languages provided are: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The translators are available for over 20 attractions throughout the Walt Disney World theme parks. Guidemaps in English, French, German, Janapese, Spanish, and Portuguese are also available at any of the Disney theme parks. Another service is the foreign currency exchange.

Once again, the magic of Walt Disney World is making it possible for everyone to enjoy the “most magical place on earth”!


The “decision makers” at Walt Disney World want to make sure that every child or adult with any kind of disability has the opportunity to experience the magic of Disney like everyone else, and this goal is accomplished by providing special services like the ones listed here:

Accessing Attractions — The Disability Access Service Card is designed for guests who are unable to tolerate extended waits at attractions due to a disability. This service allows guests to schedule a return time that is comparable to the current queue wait for the given attraction.

Break Areas — Should the guest with the cognitive disability become over-stimulated or need some “down time”, dozens of areas are available throughout the Parks where a guest can “take a break”.

Companion Restrooms — Companion restrooms are available at select locations at all the theme parks. Each of these special restrooms is larger than a traditional one, which can be helpful is a guest needs assistance or requires that someone accompany him or her.


Parents can enjoy some “alone time” while at Walt Disney World without concern about their children, because Disney has provided several Child Activity Centers located at different Disney Resort Hotels, each with a different theme.

Cub’s Den — Wilderness Lodge—Activities include western arts and crafts to take home, video games, Disney movies, and a variety of toys and board games.

Sandcastle Club — Beach Club Resort—Activities include arcade games, computers(Sega, Nintendo), board games, Disney movies, a play kitchen and living room area, dolls and stuffed animals, arts and crafts, and much more.

Simba’s Clubhouse — Animal Kingdom Logde—Activities include all kinds of toys, arcade games, arts and crafts, Disney movies, and Sony playstations.

Lilo’s Playhouse — Club Disney—Polynesian Village—Formerly called “The Neverland Club”, this is one of the most popular childcare centers, offering a magical stay for your little ones. Activities include video games, arts and crafts, Disney movies, dress up and a play area which allows kids to fly to Neverland to help Peter Pan take on Captain Hook.

General Information About These Children Activity Centers:

  • Age requirement — 3-12 years of age
  • Hours of operation — 4:30pm – midnight, daily
  • Rates -$15 per hour, per child, with a 2-hour minimum
  • Dinner is available between 6pm-8pm, with a snack at 10pm (included in cost)
  • Participating children must be potty trained
  • Parents are provided with beepers for emergency contact

Kid’s Night Out — In-room childcare for ages 6-months – 12 years of age. Hours may begin as early as 6:30am or as late as 11:00pm. There is no limit to the number of hours you may utilize the services of a caregiver, who are available 24/7. The rates vary depending on the hours and number of children being cared for, ranging from $16-$23.50 per hour. There is a 4-hour minimum. These caregivers are all over the age of 18 and are certified in child/infant CPR and basic first aid. Water activities are not permitted.


Walt Disney World offers several “Special Tours” with different agenda and prices. These tours range in length and price from a one-hour tour at a rate of $20 per person, to an all day premium tour with rates up to $500 per hour. I am sure no matter which tour you choose, you will be delighted and highly satisfied with your choice. The following are a few examples:

Behind the Seeds Tour — This tour is recommended for guests from preschoolers to adults. It is a one-hour tour of the fish farm and three greenhouses that make up “The Land” pavilion at Epcot’s Futureworld. It is perfect for anyone with an interest in gardening or natural sciences. You will visit the fish farm at feeding time and see American alligators, release ladybugs into the greenhouse to help protect the plants, discover the latest plant growing techniques, including hydroponics (the use of water and minerals instead of soil), and take home a handout with some great ideas for your own garden. The cost of this tour is $16 for children, and $20 for adults.

Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour — This tour is recommended for families with preschool, tweens, or teens. The day begins at the Magic Kingdom where you will be thrilled on such attractions as Space Mountain, Big thunder Mountain Railroad, or the newest ride, Seven Dwarfs’ Mine Train—all with expedited admission. Later in the day, enjoy a delectable meal at a table service restaurant. Next, you will visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios, again with expedited admission to such attractions as Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, or the very popular Toy Story Midway Mania. The last stop will be Disney’s Animal Kingdom, where you will embark on a thrilling Mt. Everest expedition, or experience an exciting adventure on the Dinosaur ride, and more. The cost of this tour is $299 per person.

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For an even more magical experience at Walt Disney World, I would advise you to consider taking advantage of any of these services offered. There are more, but these are some of the more popular and needed. To me, the words “Disney” and “Family Friendly” are synonyms for “Happy” and “Magic”!

Whether you are a single person, family, or group, I hope you have a magical, memorable Disney vacation!

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