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Walt Disney World offers numerous forms of transportation in and around the theme parks and resorts; however, once you enter one of the parks, walking becomes the #1 mode of getting from here to there. There are no shortcuts or bypasses here. The only way to experience every inch of this “magical world” is to put those feet to work and stop only when your body tells you to. In order to thoroughly enjoy your theme park journey, it is wise to take several breaks during the day to relax and give your feet a much needed rest. I have listed 5 Walt Disney World snack carts, where you can get that refreshing pick-me-up without having to endure a long line.

5. Walt Disney World Popcorn Snack Carts — Everywhere In The World–You will find popcorn carts all over Walt Disney World, and the popcorn here is the best tasting ever, hot and fresh, and ready for devouring. What is even more special about the popcorn at Disney is the variety of especially themed popcorn buckets that you can purchase along with your scrumptious popcorn. For example, in the Magic Kingdom, you can get a carton of popcorn in a Dumbo shaped plastic container, which serves as a carryall after the popcorn is gone. There is also a mine cart bucket from the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride in the new Fantasyland. At Christmastime there are Christmas Mickey Buckets, Snowman Buckets, and every Holiday introduces new special Disney popcorn buckets. The popcorn is delicious, and the special buckets become great souvenirs and collectibles.

4. Harambe Fruit Market—Animal Kingdom — This open air African themed fruit market offers a large variety of fresh fruit, carrots and celery sticks, fruit and cheese plate, the best Jalapeno cheese pretzel in the world, pineapple spears, watermelon, assorted chips and bottled beverages. Right in the middle of Africa, you can enjoy an oasis of fresh fruit and cool refreshing liquid refreshments. This is a great place to get your grab-n-go snack while making your way to the “Everest Expedition”!

3. Turkey Leg and Churro Snack Cart — The Magic Kingdom — Frontierland–Thanksgiving can be celebrated year round at Walt Disney World by chowing down on a huge turkey drumstick. These giant size snacks are very popular and so yummy, crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside with that BQ smoky flavor. You don’t need a knife or a fork; just wrap your mouth around that mouth watering hunk of meat.

Just next door to the Turkey Leg Cart is the Churro Cart. A churro is a fried tube of dough rolled in cinnamon and sugar. For an extra treat, try it with a side of chocolate dipping sauce. It’s a perfect snack for that sweet tooth. What my family and I like to do is get a couple of turkey legs, and a few churros with the chocolate dipping sauce, and share the goodies! That way you don’t get too full, but satisfy those hunger rumblings, at least until lunch or dinnertime.

2. Frozen Ice Cream Treats Cart — Also, All Over The World—“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream”! Frozen ice cream treats are an excellent way to cool off on a hot summer day at Walt Disney World. These refreshing treats are available from especially equipped refrigerated carts in every Disney theme park. The #1 ice cream treat from a snack cart is the Mickey’s premium ice cream bar-creamy vanilla ice cream dipped in luscious milk chocolate. Next in line is Mickey’s ice cream sandwich-yummy vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate cookies. There are more, like a wild berry and zesty lemon ice pop, an orange and cream bar, a frozen strawberry bar, and the ever popular frozen banana. Even on those not so hot days, ice cream has a way of refreshing and soothing the palate and the soul. After enjoying one of these frozen sweet treats, you’ll be ready to “take on the World”!

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1. Liberty Square Market — Magic Kingdom — Some Disney bloggers call this open air eatery a “hidden gem”, and I would have to agree with them. Located just outside the “Hall of Presidents”attraction, this inconspicuous little market has a load of delicious goodies perfect for a quick snack on the go, or there is plenty of outdoor tables and chairs if you’re in the mood to rest a while. Some of the items on their menu are a variety of fresh fruit, watermelon, celery/carrot sticks, baked potato, baked sweet potato, hot ham and cheddar sandwich, hot roast beef and Swiss sandwich, Greek yogurt, bottled beverages, assorted chips, and my favorite, freshly grilled Zellwood corn on the cob. The smoky flavor and the fact that the kernels require very little tooth power, make this a most delectable treat. My daughters and I had walked right by this small market many times before we finally decided to check it out. They both ordered the corn on the cob. I purchased a bag of chips and a bottled juice beverage.

As I sat there nibbling on my chips while watching the girls nibble away at their corn cobs, I must have looked curious, because one of them offered me a taste. Let me tell you, one crunch, one swallow, and I was hooked. I had never really been a fan of corn on the cob, but this one made me get up and order one for myself. Since that time, going to the market has a whole new meaning for us at Walt Disney World. You have got to try it, at least once. You’ll be back for more!

Have fun checking out some of the best snack carts in the “World”. You won’t have to go far to find one, and, like me, you may discover one you’ll want to visit time and time again.

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