5 Experiences in Epcot’s Future World That Are Ready For A Facelift

Imagination fountain

The problem with naming part of Epcot “Future World” is that the future is constantly catching up to the present. In order to maintain its futuristic relevance, experiences and attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort park need to change or risk becoming obsolete.

A few changes have already been made over the years such as the reimagining of Test Track and the second half of Spaceship Earth. However, there are other areas of Future World that are in much need of an update or a complete reimagining in order to attract guests and continue to be a part of the park’s theme.

5. Wonders of Life Pavilion

Younger Disney World fans may not recognize the name, but those who visited Epcot prior to 2007 will. Attractions such as Cranium Command and Body Wars took guests inside the human body while the importance of exercise was addressed with Goofy About Health. A short video, The Making of Me, also tactfully discussed where babies come from.

Now the space is used as a festival center during Epcot’s special events. With all that space, it’s a shame to use it only a few times a year. With all the advances in medical technology taking place, this would be a wonderful opportunity to share those developments with new attractions, demonstrations, and videos. As Mission Space inspires kids to be astronauts, why not inspire kids to pursue a career in healthcare or in the development of new technology? Especially with the popularity of Baymax from Disney’s Big Hero 6, you have the perfect Disney tie-in for this space.

4. Sea Base

While this area already had some new developments in adding Nemo to The Living Seas, making it The Seas with Nemo and Friends, the Sea Base area itself could use a facelift. Besides the pavilion’s attraction and Turtle Talk with Crush, what’s to distinguish this space from a regular aquarium? Years ago you could watch a diver prepare to go into the tank through the glass tube in the middle of the ground floor. More opportunities to interact with park guests could be added to increase entertainment and education value. This area rarely has a line for the Nemo ride so something new needs to be added to draw more attention and get park guests excited.

3. Universe of Energy

With an outdated 90s videos and a 40 minute attraction from beginning to end, many park guests skip this pavilion, unless it’s raining or they’re waiting for their Fastpass to hit. As a pavilion, it only consists of this one attraction. The Seas and The Land all have multiple attractions and entertainments to offer. The Universe of Energy has remained untouched for years and is in dire need of an update. What to do with this space? At the very least, update the video. Getting Ellen DeGeneres and Billy Nye the Science Guy together for an updated recording of the opening and closing of the show shouldn’t be too difficult. Another welcomed update would be on the animatronic dinosaur figures. If they can have better dinosaurs in Animal Kingdom, they can have it in Epcot.

2. Captain EO

With little to no wait time, the Captain EO 3D movie starring Michael Jackson isn’t at the top of anyone’s Disney To-Do list. This space once housed the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience film where guests were accidentally shrunken and treated to a series of mishaps until they could be restored to their normal size. The auditorium is equipped to contribute 4D effects to increase immersion and add a few surprises. With regular movie theaters offering much better quality 3D graphics and 4D theaters increasing as well, the draw to see a movie because it’s 3D or 4D isn’t enough. Either a new feature needs to be added, or a new experience altogether.

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1. Imagination Pavilion

The Imagination Pavilion is another area of Future World that needs a complete facelift. With its current attraction simulating a tour through a science lab, guests get a clinical look at how imagination works until Figment arrives to add some spontaneity and color to the experience. The original attraction involved the Dreamfinder and explored more of the imagination and how it pertains to the arts. While many guests would love to see the original attraction return, any change to this space would be welcome. This includes Imageworks, the interactive play area following the attraction. Did you know there’s a second floor? Actually, there used to be. Now closed off to the public, Imageworks included another floor where kids were inspired to use their imaginations to create and play. Rumor has it the play stations, including the rainbow tunnel, are still there. With an entire pavilion dedicated to imagination, surely Imagineers can do better.

Future World has the potential to be so much more than Sorin’ and Test Track. With a few updates and an investment in showcasing developing technologies, Epcot could truly become a community of tomorrow.

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