5 of the LAZIEST things to do at Walt Disney World Parks


Anyone who has ever visited Walt Disney World knows how exhausting a day in the parks can be, specially if you are traveling with a group of kids who’s energy seems limitless and adventure never-ending. Fear not, Disney parks offer a multitude of activities that aren’t very active at all. Embrace your lazy side with 5 of the laziest things to do at Walt Disney World.

4. Spaceship Earth

Located directly in the front entrance of Epcot inside what many guests call the golf ball is Spaceship Earth. Inside Epcot’s iconic symbolic geodesic sphere, you’ll board a time machine on this slow moving, dark, 15-minute journey through time to witness the origins of prehistoric man. You’ll travel forward in time to witness important breakthroughs in communication throughout history, from the invention of the alphabet to the creation of the printing press to today’s modern communication advancements. At the conclusion of the ride, passengers have the chance to design their own future using touch screens that are embedded into the ride cars. This is by far one of the most relaxing attractions at Walt Disney World. Be careful not to fall asleep as you move through time. On a hot day or after feeling spent on your energy, this is one of the coolest and LAZIEST ways to kill 15 minutes and reclaim your energy.

3. Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover

When your feet have had it, there is no better place in the Magic Kingdom to cool off and re-energize yourself than with a leisurely 10-minute journey through Tomorrowland on the People Mover. This slow moving ride takes you all through Tomorrowland at a comfortable pace and there is usually no line at all to board. Your journey begins as you pass a large diorama of what Walt Disney’s original version of what E.P.C.O.T was supposed to be… a city of tomorrow. Continue on as you pass Mickey’s Star Traders gift shop and enter through Space Mountain where you can comfortably watch the wild twists and turns from the comfort of your slow moving ride vehicle. After exiting Space Mountain, you continue past the Carrousel of Progress and Buzz Light Years Space Ranger Spin. No spinning here though, just a lazy way to tour Tomorrowland in comfort and peace!

2. Casey’s Corner Ragtime Piano Player, Jim

One of my all time favorite things to do on a lazy day at the Magic Kingdom is head over to Casey’s Corner on Main Street USA, right beside the Crystal Palace restaurant, grab a seat and listen to Jim Omohundro, the official ragtime piano player of the Magic Kingdom. Jim is one of the most talented players I have ever had the pleasure to watch and listen to. He recently celebrated his 30th anniversary as a cast member at Walt Disney World! Sometimes I just sit back and listen to him play for 30 minutes or more. It’s a great way to just relax, put your feet up, have a cold drink and listen to some really great ragtime music. Jim is terrific with the guests, always letting folks interact with him. The real treat is watching him play though. Call out a tune and chances are Jim knows it. If he doesn’t, just hum a few bars and he will pick it right up.

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1. Ellen’s Universe of Energy

Located at EPCOT, Ellen’s Universe of Energy is nearly a 40-minute long attraction that first shows you a short movie starring Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy in an open theatre. Next, you’ll move on to the following room, where you will board a ride vehicle that takes you back to the land of the dinosaurs. It is a very slow moving and relatively quiet experience that I have fallen asleep on more than once. What’s really cool though, is that the kids will not even realize they are on a break. The movie is funny and the dinosaurs are really fun to watch. Last time we visited it was my daughter who wanted to go see Ellen, because her feet hurt. 40 minutes was more than enough time to re-energize. Be aware though; make sure you have the time to stay the full length of the ride. You are warned multiple times that once the experience begins, you will not be able to exit the attraction until its over.

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