5 Things Disney Insiders Always Take to Walt Disney World

Via Napoli Pizza

3. Their dining plans

Whether it's their dietary restrictions or their exact meal reservations, veteran Disney visitors always have their diets planned out in advance. After all, it's simple courtesy to let a restaurant know ahead of time if you have a specific allergy (not to mention safer)! They also know exactly which dining plan they have and how to use it, which comes in handy since dining plans can be real stress- and money-savers (Walt Disney World Dining Plan 101: 10 Things You Need To Know)  . There's a lot of food to be found at Walt Disney World, but there's also a lot of help to be found when it comes to choosing that food--so ask your waiter for recommendations, peruse the menus beforehand, and keep your schedule in mind when arranging reservations! If you're going to be eating a comfort-food-style meal at Tony's Town Square Restaurant or the 50's Primetime Cafe, you might feel like a nap afterwards--so plan accordingly!

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