5 Tips for Eating Healthy Meals & Snacks at Walt Disney World

Dole Whip

3.  Snack smarter

Eating around the “World” might be tempting, but those snacks you grab during the day can add up.  Skipping snacks is sure to make you cranky, though, so let’s focus on the ones that won’t weigh you down.  One of the most popular treats, the Dole Whip, is actually not terrible for you at all. Coming in at under 100 calories, it’s a super alternative to an ice cream sundae, and it’s many guests’ favorite Disney food!  Skip the Dole Whip Float, though- all the added juice is higher in calories than the actual non-dairy soft serve.

You can also find some fantastic snack spots that will offer fresh fruit, like Hollywood Studios’ Anaheim Produce or Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Market.  
Did you know you can also bring your own snacks into the parks?  You may want to stash some protein bars or trail mix in your bag to help keep you sustained between meals.   I wouldn’t advise you to “ban” a coveted snack; just be mindful in your eating, and make sure the calories you are consuming are worth it!

2.  Make your dietary needs known.

You’ll find that Disney chefs are quite interested in preparing something delicious (not just “acceptable”) for you, even if you’re eating within a certain dietary plan with many restrictions.  From sugar-free desserts to allergy-friendly modifications, Disney is known for being accommodating. You can (and should) indicate a dietary restriction when you make your ADRs. You should also discuss them with your server when you arrive. Chefs are available to discuss the preparation of your meal; you’ll be pleased with the amount of care they take in assisting you.  If you have questions about your needs, use this dedicated e-mail address to discuss it with Disney before you travel:  

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