5 Tips for Eating Healthy Meals & Snacks at Walt Disney World

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Are you someone who tries to eat balanced, healthy meals, even on vacation?   I’m trying to make improvements in my eating choices, and I must admit that thinking about “dieting” on vacation is a bit stressful- but so is the thought of gaining those extra pounds.  The good news? Eating healthy food at Walt Disney World is actually easier than you may expect. Disney fare goes well beyond traditional “theme park food” in its offerings- it’s not all hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and burgers.  There are plenty of healthy options all around if you look for them! The following are some tips for folks looking to eat delicious, healthy meals at Walt Disney World- including some information on Disney’s ability to handle specific dietary needs.  

5.  Follow the same common-sense rules you would at home

Hydrate!  Advice to skip soda and opt for water applies on vacation, too.  If you’re traveling to Walt Disney World in the hotter months, you’ll be thankful for hydration!  Skip the sugary drinks and focus on water intake. Remember- you can grab a FREE cup of ice water at any counter service location- just ask. You can also bring your own bottles into the park.  
Watch your portions.  Consider sharing meals, or just ordering an entree at a quick service location without sides (you may even save a few dollars).  Adults may also order smaller kids entrees, but be aware that if you are using the Dining Plan, you’ll still be charged an adult meal credit.  You can also share entrees- it is not discouraged! 
Make smart substitutions.  You can always ask for fruit or a side salad instead of fries.  If you’re not sure what’s available, just ask!

4.  Look for the “Disney Check” menu items for little ones

Previously known as “Mickey Check”, the Disney Check symbol appears on Disney Parks and Resorts menus, as well as on Disney branded food products sold in stores.  Disney check items are healthy options that provide balanced nutrition (think whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy, veggies, and fruit) while limiting extra sugar, sodium, and saturated fat.  Generally, these menu items include a healthy entree with side item choices like water or milk, as well as apples or applesauce, yogurt, carrots, and grapes. 

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