6 Amenities You Can Only Get At Disney World Resorts

6.  Package Pickup and Delivery

This amenity may sound a bit boring, but it is one of my favorite perks of stying on property.  Let’s say you’re visiting Animal Kingdom, and you find a beautiful glass statue, mug, or some other fragile souvenir.  Even though the cast members will gladly wrap your gift in plenty of tissue paper, it would be really difficult to carry this gift around for the rest of your day at the Parks.  If you are a Disney Resort Hotel guest, you can have your souvenirs delivered to your Hotel, where you can pick them up as soon as it arrives there, usually by the next day.  No matter what theme park you are visiting, or what shop your purchases come from, package delivery is available for your convenience.  Also, if you have travelled by airplane, you can stop by your Resort Package and Delivery Counter, and have all your gifts and souvenirs sent to your home.  They pack it, ship it, and all you do is fill out the paperwork and pay the shipping fees.  It’s as easy as that.  One year we actually did a majority of our Christmas shopping at the Disney theme parks, and even though we drove, we had all the packages sent to our home, so we would not have to worry about fitting everything in our trunk.  The cast members who pack the gifts do a phenomenal job of making sure every item is securely wrapped and bundled so there will be no chance of anything breaking.

Staying at a Disney Resort Hotel is, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy your Walt Disney World vacation.  If you watch for specials, like room discounts, free dining, or other special offers, your Disney trip, including staying at a Disney Resort doesn’t have to blow your budget out of the water.  Do some research for any specials that will coincide with your travel dates, or change your travel dates to include special discount dates.  Believe me, once you stay on Disney property, you will be glad you did, and probably will not want to stay anywhere else.  I know, for my family and myself, our Disney vacations have never been more magical than when we began staying at a Disney Resort.

By Cecilia

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