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6 Secrets People Don’t Know About Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom

Fantasyland is one of the most magical lands in the Magic Kingdom. It has recently gone under some amazing renovations that have enhanced this area even more. Read below 6 secrets people don’t know about Fantasyland in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

6. Expansion: The new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom literally doubled in size since its expansion. Before renovations Fantasyland was 10 acres. Now with the additional attractions, rides, castles, restaurants and more, it is over 20 acres! When visiting, make sure to take the time to explore every nook and cranny of Fantasyland. If you want to visit this area first, a great way to get there is to hop on the Magic Kingdom railroad. The station is located near the entrance of the park takes you right to Fantasyland!

5. New Attractions: There are several new attractions and rides in Fantasyland. The most popular attraction so far has been the new roller coaster: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. This roller coaster is fast, smooth, and features classic characters from Snow White. This is a great family roller coaster. This ride is extremely popular, so your best bet is to get your FastPasses early. This line reaches over 100 minutes long almost everyday. Another new attraction is Enchanted Tales with Belle. This fun interactive attraction showcases Belle and her love of reading. Did you know there are over 12,000 books in her library?

4. Beast’s Castle and Be Our Guest: The Beast’s castle is a new centerpiece of Fantasyland. This castle has 115 windows! Disney Imagineers wanted guests to feel how frightened Belle was when she first saw the Beast’s castle, so they used gargoyles to create a creepy feel to the outside of the castle. When building this castle, the Disney Imagineers used forced perspective, which makes the castle appear larger than it really is. Inside the castle is the wonderful restaurant ‘Be Our Guest’. This is the only restaurant in Fantasyland and the Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol. They have recently started serving breakfast, as well as, lunch and dinner. The restaurant has three wings. In the west wing, take time and look for the special effects on the beast’s self-portrait. You can also see the enchanted rose. The Grand Ballroom is sure to take your breath away. Make sure to make reservations for Be Our Guest, it is highly unlikely you will be able to just walk up the day of and get a table.

3. Storybook Circus: Did you know there has been a version of the Flying Dumbo’s in all of Walt Disney’s parks since they firs opened in 1955? Now at Storybook Circus in Fantasyland there are two flying Dumbo rides! This is great because it helps with traffic and keeping the lines down. Before taking the ride on the classic flying elephant, Disney has added an interactive play area. If the line is very long, you can take a pager and let your children play in the big top tent. This area has plenty of comfortable seating for adults and lots of interactive fun for children, definitely a great addition to this ride. Also, new to Storybook Circus is the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station. This station is a great place to cool off and have fun while being ‘splashed’ by circus animals.

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2. Ariel’s Grotto and Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid: You can meet Ariel inside her grotto all day now at Fantasyland. If you want to take a ride in a clamshell you can go on ‘Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid’. You enter this ride by walking by Prince Eric’s castle and going into an underground cavern at low tide. This ride tells the story of the Little Mermaid using animatronics, and the classic songs from the movie. There are 183 animatronic characters in journey. You see 128 of them in the classic Under the Sea section of the attraction!

1. New Characters to Meet and Greet: There are so many new characters to meet and greet at Fantasyland! You will want to check with a cast member, map or the My Disney Experience app to see what times and where these characters will be appearing. Here are a few of the newest characters that are available to see inside Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom: Fairy Godmother, Lady Tremaine with her daughters: Anastasia and Drizella, the Seven Dwarfs, Gaston, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel, Peter Pan and even more! If you are a Disney fanatic and love meeting characters Fantasyland is the place for you!

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