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6 Terrible Things That Happen If You Don't Plan For Your Walt Disney World Trip

Walt Disney World Sign
Are you headed to Disney soon? If you’ve never been before, you might be tempted to head out on a whim and fly by the seat of your pants. After all, it’s just a vacation, right? Wrong! Planning—but not overplanning—a Disney trip is a very important part of the Disney vacation process. You see, Walt Disney World Resort is an incredibly crowded and sometimes overwhelming place. Therefore, those who fail to put in a bit of time to plan their vacation before heading out often suffer some pretty unfortunate consequences during their stay. While it would be pretty hard for a lack of planning to completely ruin a vacation in Disney World, it could very easily take away from the magic. In fact, it could even make for a few frustrating and completely un-magical moments during your trip. For this reason, we highly recommend sitting down and doing a bit of vacation planning a month or two before you go. Why? Well, here are six things that will probably happen if you don't plan for your Disney World trip:

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