7 Beauty Looks To Unleash Your Inner Disney Princess

Jasmine Makeup

1.  Jasmine

As any decent Disney-lover who's ever looked up "Disney¬†princess makeup looks" (or even just seen¬†Aladdin) will know, winged¬†eyeliner is perhaps the most signature portion of Jasmine's aesthetic.¬†However, most of us decent Disney-lovers are¬†also¬†normal, everyday¬†people, and we're not exactly comfortable wielding gel eyeliner (at least, not with anything remotely¬†resembling confidence) on the average morning. You can certainly commit to the black liner¬†if you're¬†in an ambitious mood, but since it's not particularly subtle‚ÄĒand it's also¬†ridiculously¬†easy to go overboard with, if you're like us and lack self-control‚ÄĒyou might want to¬†go for¬†a¬†more understated version of this¬†gutsy royal's look in the form of dark¬†brown eyeshadow. You'll find that it's a lot more forgiving than liner,¬†flatters more skin tones, and can work with everything from a deep lip to a¬†rosy glow! Brush the eyeshadow along your top and bottom lash lines,¬†extending it out ever so slightly (start with the outer corner of your bottom¬†lash line, and just follow the natural curve up from there). You can make¬†this look as exaggerated or as minimal¬†as you like, and don't forget to¬†further enhance the Jasmine vibes with a little bit of bronzer or coral blush.¬†For Jasmine's statement braid, you can start by twisting back the hair at¬†your hairline on both sides. Then, you can either commit to the long, thick¬†braid in the back or weave a few smaller braids into your hair, depending¬†on your preference and hair length. Incorporate a thin, blue ribbon into¬†your braid(s)‚ÄĒit's not quite as hard as it may seem‚ÄĒfor the final Jasmine-ian¬†touch, and prepare to strut through your workplace like the sassy¬†Arabian princess that you are on the inside! ¬†¬†Photo credit¬†Kandee Johnson on YouTube




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