7 Beauty Looks To Unleash Your Inner Disney Princess


2.  Aurora

Princess Aurora (also known as Sleeping Beauty and Briar¬†Rose‚ÄĒhence her identity crisis) has a more subtle makeup look¬†than Jasmine's, but it can still add some fun to your day, and it's also more¬†versatile, depending on which Aurora you're choosing to portray! Towards the beginning of the film, Briar Rose is an innocent young woman¬†frolicking in the forest as she hunts for berries--and her appearance is in¬†line with that rustic, woodsy charm. Replicate Briar Rose's aesthetic with¬†some brown mascara (focusing on the top lashes, not the bottom ones),¬†just the slightest hint of brown eyeshadow on the lower lash line, and a¬†generous amount of taupe eyeshadow on your lid (which can easily be¬†applied with your ring finger). You could use any pale, soft, and relatively¬†nude color for the eyeshadow, and feel free to mix in some sandy, grey, or¬†even deep green hues if you're feeling adventurous! Finish by dabbing on¬†some tinted lip balm, and just remember: with Briar Rose's look, subtlety is¬†key. ¬†¬†

Subtlety still reigns supreme when Briar Rose has learnt of her royal¬†identity and become Princess Aurora, but there's a bit more sparkle to be¬†found with this second look. Stick to the brown mascara, but first embrace tight-lining by¬†focusing some deep brown eyeshadow (or liner) right in the bed of the upper lashes¬†and winging it out just a little. Keep the same taupe eyeshadow, but now add¬†some gold shimmer on top of it, too‚ÄĒand then incorporate the pi√®ce de¬†r√©sistance: some pink (or blue), as¬†sparkly¬†shadow. This may sound like a lot of color to deal with, but if you apply¬†the shadow¬†sparingly and keep the liner on the upper lash line, then the end result will be a soft,¬†gorgeous,¬†whimsical look that's in keeping with Aurora's style. But we're not done yet! ¬†¬†

The last two elements of Sleeping Beauty's makeup looks? Contour and curl. This princess has some particularly enviable cheekbones, and a little blush, highlighter, or bronzer will help accentuate yours (which are also fantastic, we're sure!). It might be best to choose just one or two of these products; if you highlight the tops of your cheekbones and contour underneath them (and contour your jawline), then skip the blush, and if you choose blush, then use that as a soft contour. Add some curl to your hair via curlers, product, or your own natural waves, and voilà! You've successfully assembled a beautiful look in the style of Sleeping Beauty (black headband or crown, optional).  Photo credit Kandee Johnson on YouTube


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