7 Beauty Looks To Unleash Your Inner Disney Princess

snow white makeup

5. Snow White

As the first Disney princess, Snow White carries a lot of¬†weight. She's also the youngest, at 14 years old¬†yet, despite her youth,¬†Snow White's makeup style is virtually ageless. Her skin has no trace of¬†imperfections, her lashes are thick, her lips are red...this makeup look is¬†simple, it's effective, and it might just be one of the most consistently¬†desired beauty looks in the world. But, needless to say, not everyone has¬†blemish- and redness-free skin like Snow White (after all, she is only¬†fourteen); so, depending on your own individual skin, you might have a¬†variety of problems to contend with for that initial smooth base. Approach¬†your skin with whatever concealers, creams, primers, and foundations¬†usually work for you, and take your time really massaging each product into¬†your face. This will help the products blend together‚ÄĒand give you a nice¬†massage in the process! Next, apply your favorite blush to the apples of the¬†cheeks; Snow White's¬†taupe¬†blush is fairly pronounced in the film, but blending it¬†in with just a small amount of product might make it more wearable for the¬†average Disney-lover. Once you've applied your blush, use a mattifying¬†powder as the final layer on the skin; since most of the princesses are¬†featured in 2-D animated films, their skin already looks inherently matte,¬†but there is a certain air-brushed elegance to Snow White's particular look¬†that is enhanced by the¬†classic powder. Plus, putting it on can¬†immediately make you feel like a queen! ¬†¬†


The matte theme continues with the eyes in this look. Snow White wears a¬†matte neutral eyeshadow‚ÄĒone that is almost mauve‚ÄĒon her eyelids, with¬†a grey eyeshadow in the crease to accentuate the eye's shape. Top that with¬†black mascara, and you've got her look down-pat! Last‚ÄĒand most¬†important‚ÄĒis the lipstick. This red should be one that makes you feel like¬†strutting down the street‚ÄĒor flitting through the forest, whatever your¬†fancy‚ÄĒand it should be applied straight from the bullet for that perfect¬†shape. Dab it on instead of swiping to further plump the lips, choose some¬†red jewelry or accessories, and¬†tada! You've successfully stepped into the¬†tiny shoes of the original Disney princess. Go find a well for wishing!¬†¬† ¬†View this tutorial on YouTube by¬†BeautywithEmilyFox¬†


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