7 Best Practices for a Day at Walt Disney World Parks

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Let's Recap!

7 . Pack a Bag

While it may slow you down a little bit on entering a park, packing a bag with everything you may need is a great way to make your day better.  Be sure to pack disposable ponchos in case you get stuck in an afternoon thunderstorm.  We also like to make sure we pack some snacks, a couple bottles of water, and even a spare pair of socks (in case we decide we want to get drenched by riding Kali River Rapids).  Another definite thing you want to pack is a spare battery pack for your phones – the My Disney Experience app uses a lot of battery, so you will always want to make sure that you have a full charge to be able to make any reservations that you need!

6. Afternoon Break

Florida gets hot and it is the hottest during the afternoon.  We always recommend taking a break after lunch until dinner time so you can get out of the hottest part of the day.  During this time we like to head back to our resort and enjoy one of the refreshing pools or just take a nap and recharge our batteries for a lovely evening in the parks. 

5. Early Start

Many people like to sleep in while they are on their vacations, so large crowds don’t begin flocking the parks until late in the morning.  Guests who are willing to sacrifice some sleep can enjoy two or three hours in the parks with relatively low crowd levels.  These low levels will allow guests to enjoy popular attractions, explore new experiences, and ride attractions without needing to use their FastPass+ selections.

4. Comfortable Clothes/Shoes

Regardless of the park you visit, you will be doing a fair share of walking.  A top priority for an enjoyable day should be to wear comfortable shoes.  Many people are tempted to wear flip flops or sandals since the weather is almost always warm, but we recommend wearing shoes with more support so you aren’t fatigued by early afternoon.  Given the temperatures in Florida, we also recommend wearing some comfortable clothes — cotton t-shirts since you will be sweating – avoid any tight clothing, but be sure to review the weather forecast so you are dressed accordingly.

3. Sunscreen

Nothing can ruin a great day at Disney faster than a sunburn.  Guests will want to make sure that they are covered with sunscreen before leaving their room and constantly reapplying every ninety minutes.  If you forget or run out, sunscreen is available in all of the Disney stores and at the resorts. 

2. Stay Hydrated

In addition to the sun causing issues with sunburns, guests can also easily get dehydrated just by walking around in the sun.  We recommend taking in a reusable water bottle and filling them up at any of the water fountains through the park.  Guests can also go to any counter service restaurant location and ask for a glass of ice water and they will give it you free of charge.  You may also want to modify your plans to make sure you are visiting attractions that are inside or have a converted queue so you have some respite from the hot sun!

1. Be Flexible/Pack Your Patience

As with many things at Disney, there will be crowds.  With large crowds, guests need to be flexible and patient with their vacations.  If you head to Tomorrowland upon entering the Magic Kingdom and there are huge lines for everything, meander over to Adventureland and see what is happening over there.  If you’ve planned your trip appropriately, you know you will be enjoying three attractions through the use of your FastPass+ selections, so you can always adjust and experience something new and different.

Do you have any best practices for when you visit the Disney parks?  What is your number one practice when at the parks?

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