7 Lies People Believe About Disney World

Let's Recap!

1. It’s Mickey Mouse Land. - I have actually heard Disney World referred to as “Mickey Mouse Land,” but only by those who have yet to visit the parks.

2. It’s just for kids. - Disney World offers everything possible to make the dreams of kids (and kids at heart) come true.

3. Once is enough. - Utter nonsense. One visit to Disney World is never enough. And that’s enough said.

4. Skip EPCOT. - Why is it that people think of EPCOT as the park you should skip if you only have time for three of the theme parks?

5. Cinderella Castle can be dismantled. - In a place where hurricane season can threaten extensive damage, it makes sense that people would think that structures like Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life and others could be taken down and dismantled in preparation for a hurricane.

6. “Andy’s coming!” - People often believe that characters will fall to the ground in response, like they do in the feature films.

7. Know all the Disney movies. - You don’t have to know all of Disney’s movies and stories in order to enjoy and appreciate all that Disney World has to offer.

By Becky B.

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