7 Things We Love About Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, located on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom celebrates the magic and wonder of the Disney full length animated feature film, “Lady and the Tramp”. The menu is mostly Italian with some of the best pasta and pizza in the Magic Kingdom, and the theming and atmosphere are exceptional, especially the view of Main Street from the front porch dining area. This is one dining choice you don’t want to miss out on.

1. Location — Main Street — Magic Kingdom — Located just to the right as you enter the Magic Kingdom and Town Square, this ornately styled restaurant is built to resemble a fine dining establishment around the turn of the century. The extra large front porch and outside dining area is very inviting, and the enticing aromas of freshly baked pizza and tantalizing spaghetti and meatballs can have a hypnotic effect on passers-by to come in and have a genuine, delectable Italian dinner. Whether you are just arriving or on your way out of the Magic Kingdom, this fine eatery is a great place to begin or end your day at the Magic Kingdom.

2. Theme — The theme of this charming restaurant is, of course, Disney’s classic animated feature, “Lady and the Tramp”. Everywhere you look are portraits and memorabilia from the movie, including a unique sculpture of Lady and Tramp sitting atop a fountain at the entrance to the main dining room. The waiting area provides a very comfortable area, with a widescreen television which constantly plays, of course, “Lady and the Tramp”. The chairs are very comfortable, and time passes by quickly as you sit back and enjoy watching this lovable movie.

3. Atmosphere — If you loved “Lady and the Tramp”, you will really appreciate all the furnishings and references to the beloved Disney movie. The host or hostess, and the servers are all dressed in vintage clothing that is reminiscent of the turn of the century. In fact the atmosphere of the entire restaurant is warm, inviting, and very family friendly. The nostalgic Italian music adds to the overall fun and fanciful atmosphere of this enchanting restaurant.

4. Distinctive Dining Rooms – There are three distinct dining rooms. The main indoor dining room is designed to resemble a classic New York City, family-owned Italian eatery, with checkerboard floors and plenty of seating for large families. The sunroom with its skylights and many windows is a bright and cheerful spot with lovely patio furniture which gives you the feeling of being outside but without the heat of the afternoon sun or the chill of a cool evening. The most popular dining area is the outdoor patio seating. On a warm (not too hot) spring or summer afternoon, it is the perfect place to dine while watching all the people passing by, and a great place to watch one of the many parades making their way down Main Street. All three dining rooms are surrounded by paintings and memorabilia celebrating the delightful Disney classic, “Lady and the Tramp”, including an original sculpture of Lady and Tramp atop a fountain located at the entrance to the main dining area.

5. Hospitality and Service — The quality of service by the check-in staff and the servers was superb. The moment we walked into Tony’s, the hostess at the check-in desk was extremely friendly, helpful in answering all our questions, and invited us to have a seat in the comfortable waiting area. After we were seated, the server was there with our menus, a smile on her face and a greeting that was genuine and sincere. She was very friendly and suggested appetizers and main courses that were the restaurant’s specialties. She was also kind enough to offer her own opinion of some of the menu items. Also, she did not hesitate to let us know we could take all the time we needed to study the menu; no rush. Our appetizers were served while we waited for the main courses, and our entrees were served soon after we finished the appetizers. Our server, kept returning to our table to refill our drinks and check on our satisfaction with the food. We did not order desserts; too full. Overall, we were very happy with our exceptional service at Tony’s. They were all very attentive and professional. I’d definitely give Tony’s a 4-star rating!

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6. History & Secrets — Look for a set of paw prints outlined with a heart in the pavement outside of Tony’s. Stop by the check-in desk and ask for an autograph from Lady and Tramp. It makes a great souvenir of your memorable dining experience. At the back of the restaurant, there is a beautiful three-paned window, through which you can see what appears to be the shadows of Lady and Tramp sharing their late night meal of spaghetti. There was, at one time, a bread basket with fake buns in the shape of a Mickey head. Be sure to ask your server if it is still there.

7. The Fabulous Menu — The menu at Tony’s is filled with Italian favorites, including the following:
Appetizers: Heirloom tomato and mozzarella salad, calamari, seasonal soup, or a favorite, zucchini fries (breaded seasoned zucchini with creamy sun-dried tomato dressing for dipping. Main Course Specialties: spaghetti with meatballs or marinara sauce, chicken parmigiana, cannelloni, extra special pizza choices, or if you’re not in an Italian mood, a New York strip steak is also on the menu. Dessert: Tiramisu, chocolate cake with hazelnut filling, or gelato, just to name some of the most popular sweet temptations.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is not only an awesome dining choice; it is a magical dining experience that will become a memorable part of your visit to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The atmosphere, “Lady and the Tramp” theme, and the friendliness and professionalism of the staff were extremely satisfying. I will definitely visit Tony’s again, and I am sure if you have not tried this extraordinary Italian eatery, you will be very pleased when you do. And, of course, “Bon Appetit”!

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