8 Experiences Kids Love at Epcot


5.  Jumping Fountains

There are a variety of really whimsical  jumping fountains to be found all over Epcot.  You’ll notice the first as you walk through Future World- The Fountain of Nations.  As you walk toward the World Showcase Lagoon, you’ll notice smaller fountains meant for children to hop and play in on the sides of the pathways.  Another favorite water-watching spot is the huge fountain near the Imagination Pavilion.

6.  Missions for Kids:   Kidcot Stops, Passports, & Agent P

Kidcot Stops can be found throughout the World Showcase, giving children something to look forward to as parents enjoy food, beverages, and entertainment throughout the countries.  The stations were recently revamped, and are now sponsored by Ziploc. Children receive small plastic bags decorated like suitcases, and each stop has a small craft activity that children can complete and store in the bags.  The true highlight of the Kidcot stops are the Cast Members, who love to teach children words in their native languages. A separate but related activity that you can also enjoy in similar fashion is collecting passport stamps.  If you purchase a Passport kit at a World Showcase gift shop, you can bring that to the Kid Cot stops as well and have Cast Members sign your book.

Looking for something a bit more high-tech and complicated?  Check out the Phineas and Ferb Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure activity, which will take your family on missions throughout the World Showcase.  

7.  Spaceship Earth (and the play area)

Spaceship Earth might be hit or miss with children, as it is a bit long and historical, but it is yet another Epcot location that has a fun play area after the ride.  Some of the activities are a bit more advanced, but children of all ages can enjoy running around and exploring. Keep in mind that Spaceship Earth is rumored to be undergoing a huge refurbishment in the next few years, so you’ll want to check this out on your next trip!

8. Character Greeting

The Magic Kingdom may jump out first when you think of parks with great characters, but Epcot has some really great character greeting opportunities.  You can meet a great variety of characters here, from the bevy of princesses at Akershus and around the World Showcase to uniquely loveable friends like Baymax, Ralph, & Vanellope.  You’ll find the Fab Five around the park as well, so there’s truly something for everyone.

Do you buy into the idea that Epcot is “boring” for kids?  We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Do your children love Epcot?  If not, we hope that this list gives you some ideas for how to engage your kids on the next trip to Epcot!

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