8 Things Seniors (Not the High School Kind) Will Love About Disney

Many people might be under the impression that Walt Disney World is only for kids. When people think of Walt Disney World they think of the Mouse and all the magical aspects that make Disney wonderful. That puts them in the mindset that Walt Disney World is for kids and that’s all. Well this simply is not true. Walt Disney World is for people of all ages and there is something for everyone to do here. Today we are going to focus on things that seniors will love about Disney. (I’m not talking about the high school kind!)

8. FastPass: Seniors will love the option of FastPasses at Walt Disney World. I know that for a lot of seniors, it can seem annoying to have to wait in long lines to ride a silly ride, but with the FastPass option there is no room to be impatient. Seniors will love this because waiting in line can be draining and boring. If you are or traveling with a senior, make sure you use the FastPass option.

7. Complimentary Resort Transportation: When staying in a resort you can use the resort transportation to get around the Walt Disney World Resort. There are buses, boats, and monorails. Seniors will love this option because not only does it get you all around the resort, but you will save money on gas because you won’t have to drive your car around the parks. You also save money by not having to pay for parking in the parks.

6. Dining Experience: If seniors think that that all the food in Walt Disney World is Mickey Waffles and basic theme park foods, they are in for a big awakening. In Walt Disney World there are different cuisines, there is seafood, there is steak, and almost anything else you can imagine. One restaurant I would recommend if you love seafood and a good view is the Coral Reef Restaurant. It offers a great view of the aquarium that is located in the Living Seas with Nemo. As you are dining on the amazing seafood or steak, you can watch all the fish and maybe even see a sea turtle. There are many other restaurants to choose from and I believe that it will be bonus points for seniors. If you are staying in a resort, you can start making reservations 180 days before your visit so that you don’t have to worry about missing your chance to eat in the restaurant of your choice.

5. Epcot World Showcase: If seniors want to travel the world, but can’t do it, I think that Epcot’s World Showcase is a good substitute for it. Now I know that it’s not the real world, but each country within the showcase has aspects of each country that will really make you feel like you are really there. My favorite country has to be Mexico! I love the feel of walking into the temple and seeing and hearing the Mexican culture come to life. Another country I love is France. It is very quaint and romantic. Another aspect of the World Showcase is the different dining experiences. There is a restaurant in almost every country. So if you are looking to try something different, walk on over to the World Showcase and take your pick.

4. Kilmanjaro Safaris: This is a ride that will take you on an African safari where you will get to actually see live animals. I believe that seniors will thoroughly enjoy this ride. Even though it is a little bumpy it is worth getting to see the animals in their natural habitats. The animals are free to roam around and if you’re lucky, the animals will be close enough that you can get a really good picture. I have been on this safari where the giraffes have stood in front of the bus for a good 2 or 3 minutes. It is a really cool experience for not only the young but also the seniors. Make sure you get a FastPass for this safari because it is always a long wait. Even if you don’t get a FastPass, the ride is worth the wait.

3. Animal Kingdom: Animal Kingdom is a park that I believe the seniors will enjoy the most. From the awesome shows to watch to the safari to see the animals, it is truly one of a kind. All around the park, there are animals and trails to walk through. If you venture towards the Tree of Life, you will find many trails that not a lot of people go on. This would be a great idea for seniors! They can leisurely stroll and see some animals and beautiful plants too! It is very nice and a nice break from the fast pace of everyone else and it’s an opportunity to spend quality time with whoever you might be traveling with.

2. Off Season: While going in May, June, or July might not be ideal for seniors because of the heat and crowds, the months of January, February, October and other times is a good time to travel. These off season months are ideal for seniors to travel to Disney. Not only is it cooler weather, but it also has lower crowds which means shorter wait lines and it’s easier to make reservations. So if you’re traveling to Disney just you and your travel companion, it might be better to go at this time. Also during the off season, Disney is more likely to put out discounts on Dining and resorts, which is always a plus!

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1. Spending time with your family: If you are traveling with your family to Walt Disney World, make sure you treasure every moment. For most people it will be the only time you will be able to travel to Walt Disney World one time with your whole entire family. Try to treasure every ride, every picture, and every little thing that your grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and even children do. Walt Disney World is a place where so many memories are made and children’s dreams come to life. Get a picture with Mickey Mouse; stand in line to ride It’s a Small World three times because your youngest grandchild loves it. I promise that it will be worth it and you will always remember it. Make memories not only for you, but for them because they will always remember when their Grandma or Grandpa took them to Walt Disney World.

So as you can see, Walt Disney World can be totally awesome for people of all ages. The myth that Walt Disney World is all about is mouse is true, BUT it is also about so much more. There is so much to experience for any age and especially for seniors. I hope that this article has opened your eyes to how magical Walt Disney World can be as it offers different things for every age.

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