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Major Hurricane Heading Towards Florida, Will It Hit Disney World?

Hurricane Lee

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a major hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. As of Thursday evening, the storm has turned into a Category 4 hurricane and is expected to strengthen as it continues west. With a course seemingly heading toward Florida, will Walt Disney World dance with another hurricane soon? Hurricane Lee is a Monster The ongoing 2023 Atlantic ...

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Parks Empty as Disney World Dodges Hurricane

Disney empty hurricane

Hurricane Idalia is a monster of a storm, moving fast past the panhandle region of Florida. While Walt Disney World was originally at risk of the storm’s path, the theme park never decided to close as it became clear the hurricane was trending northwest of the park. With multiple media outlets expressing concern about catastrophic conditions, people have abandoned the ...

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Fan Celebrates Disney’s Spaceship Earth in an ICONIC Way

spaceship earth tattoo

A Disney fan celebrated their love for EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth in one of the most iconic ways we’ve seen! The Disney fandom is devoted, to say the least. Every Disney fan knows the feeling of enjoying their favorite Disney Park ride—whether at the Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida or Disneyland Resort in Southern California. Whether it’s spooktacular attractions ...

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Disney World Guests Are Losing Their Cool Amid Intense Heat

Disney heat wave

The sweltering heatwave that has engulfed Disney World in Florida this week is undeniably leaving its mark on park visitors, and vigilant Disney Cast Members have keenly noticed the effects. Amid the blistering temperatures soaring into the upper 90s and heat indexes pushing past 100 degrees Fahrenheit, some Guests have lost their cool. Disney Guests Gone Wild Disney Cast Members ...

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Did Disney Add a Maximum Weight Limit to Their Rides? Here’s the Truth

disney world weight limit

Rumors have been going around that the Central Florida Disney Resort added a weight limit for Guests on their rides; we at Disney Fanatic put our detective hats back on to investigate. The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are known for being the perfect Disney vacation destinations for families and Guests from all around the world. Different ...

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Fans Accuse Disney of Ruining Haunted Mansion With Hatbox Ghost Announcement

Fans mad Hatbox Ghost

On July 28, Disney released its newest live-action film, Haunted Mansion, in theaters. The film starred Rosario Dawson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Danny DeVito, Owen Wilson, Tiffany Haddish, and LaKeith Stanfield. It tells a brand-new story, while also honoring so many things that Guests love about the classic attraction, especially the one located in Disneyland Resort. One of the most exciting characters ...

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From Pickle Corn Dogs to… Pickle Milkshakes?

EPCOT Pickle Milkshake

One thing that Disney prides itself on is that its theme park food isn’t just your regular theme park food. Sure, Guests can get things like hot dogs, funnel cake, and cheeseburgers. But there is so much more to Disney World food. Guests can enjoy amazing crĂŞpes, perfectly flavored barbecue, brioche ice cream sandwiches, cheeseburger spring rolls, homemade caramel treats, ...

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