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8 Items Disney Cast Members Say You Should Pack for the Park

Cast Member Costumes

Do you feel like your Disney Park bag weighs a ton when you go to put it on?  This is probably because you are trying to bring one of everything into Disney Park with you.  Although we love that you want to be prepared, you don’t really need to bring it all with you. Disney Cast Members have a few ...

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Don’t Waste Time Doing This in Disney

Time Wasters

At Walt Disney World time is money.  You have a limited amount of days to experience the magic and you don’t want to waste it on experiences that might not be fun, productive, or helpful. So what are these big-time wasters throughout Walt Disney World Resort?  We have a list of things that we think could be time wasters for ...

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What?! 5 Rides We Always Skip at Disney

Mission Space

We love Walt Disney World and all the Disney rides, shows, and experiences that we can have while visiting this magical place.  Although we would like to say we try to do everything each and every time we visit, this isn’t the case. There are just some experiences at Walt Disney World Resort that we just don’t like going on ...

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5 Big Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make In Disney

Disney World Fourth of July Fireworks

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation has a lot of steps in it.  When it comes to making mistakes, we have all done them.  Scheduled too many dining reservations, slept in when we should have roped dropped, rope dropped when we should have slept in.  We have all been there.  The big mistakes you don’t want to make though during ...

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5 Facts to Know When It Rains On Your Magic Kingdom Day

disney world rain

Everyone hopes that it will be sunny and beautiful every day of their Walt Disney World vacation; however, this just isn’t the case.  Rainstorms are frequent at Walt Disney World meaning that you need to be prepared for them. We have five facts to help you conquer the rain when visiting Disney’s iconic Magic Kingdom Park.  These will help you ...

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Mark Ruffalo Reacts to Eternals Trailer


The newest Eternal trailer has thrilled Marvel fans and brought a look at the immortal super-team and the movie’s story like we have never seen before. It isn’t just the fans that are excited, but the Green Goliath, Mark Ruffalo, as well. “Someone worse than Thanos?!” Ruffalo captioned his retweet of the Eternals trailer, along with a thinking emoji. “Fighting evil never ends.” ...

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Composer Daniel Hart To Work on Peter Pan & Wendy

Work on the new adaptation of the classic story of Peter Pan “Peter Pan & Wendy” has wrapped up filming and we now have new information on who the composer will be on the film. Director David Lowery and composer Daniel Hart will be teaming up once again.  Hart has scored every movie David Lowery has directed which includes Aint Them ...

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National Geographic Announce New Series “The 7 Toughest Days On Earth”

A new National Geographic series will begin production this winter 2021.  The new series will feature Dwayne Fields and his story about how you can overcome anything. Dwayne Fields grew up around violent gangs and is a natural-born survivor who’s stared death in the face his entire life. He escaped the inner city to become an explorer, where he conquered the ...

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