8 Items Disney Cast Members Say You Should Pack for the Park

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Do you feel like your Disney Park bag weighs a ton when you go to put it on?  This is probably because you are trying to bring one of everything into Disney Park with you.  Although we love that you want to be prepared, you don’t really need to bring it all with you.

Disney Cast Members have a few items that they recommend Disney Guests make sure they bring into the Disney Parks each Disney vacation.  Take a look at this list to make sure you have these items and then know all that other stuff is extra.

Autograph Book

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8.  Autograph Books and Pens

We are all thrilled that we can once again hug Mickey Mouse and get his autograph.  Now that traditional meet and greets are back at Walt Disney World, make sure you have an autograph book and sharpie with you.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or how many times you stop by to see Mickey during your trip, it is super fun to get that picture, hug, and autograph.

You can often find autograph books online, so consider purchasing them before heading down.  We also recommend getting the large sharpies that can be clicked.  This makes it a lot easier for our Disney pals to sign.

Finally, toss those autograph books and sharpies in a ziploc.  It will keep them together and keep them safe from rain and water rides.

7.  Water

It doesn’t matter when you are visiting Walt Disney World, Disney Cast Members will tell you that water is essential to have with you.  Figure out what works best for your family.  Do you want to use refillable water bottles?  Do you prefer to just grab free ice water around Walt Disney World?

There are a lot of options on how you get access to water throughout the day.  You just want to make sure that you have a plan for how you are going to do so.  Bring a refillable water bottle from home and add ice water throughout the day.  Order a case of water to be delivered to your Disney Resort so you save money in the Disney Parks.

If you are picky about your water, consider bringing flavoring to drop in.  This will help you stay hydrated without having issues with the taste.

No matter which method you use, make sure you have water with your every day of your vacation.

First Aid _ disney world jobs _ disney fanatic

6.  First Aid

Disney has first aid stations throughout the four Theme Parks as well as at Disney Springs.  These stations have great items such as over-the-counter medicine, bandaids, and ice packs.  The probably thought is that they are often at the front of Disney Park.

Save yourself some time and stress by tossing in some basic first aid items.  Bandaids are key with little ones as they always seem to need one.  Having these already with you can keep the day rolling smoothly.


5.  ID and Credit Cards

Often times when we head into a Disney Park we don’t think we really need much.  We have our Magicbands or tickets and that seems like we are good to go.  Although most of the time it can be enough, there are moments when you are going to need your ID and another form of payment.

If you are wanting to enjoy an alcoholic beverage at Walt Disney World, you are going to need to have your ID with you.  Disney typically IDs everyone so makes sure you have it.

Also, sometimes Magicbands just don’t seem to work.  In this case, you are going to want another system of payment.  This might be your credit card or ApplePay or another method of payment.

You don’t want to be stuck needing these important items and not have them with you.


4.  Ziplocs

Cast Members are going to tell you to have Ziploc bags with you in the Disney Parks.  These come in handy all the time when touring.  You can use them to keep your items dry on rides such as Splash Mountain.  Ziplocs are also great for tossing the trash into or the cookie you just can’t finish but know you will want for later.  Having a few Ziplocs in a variety of sizes can be extremely helpful.


3.   Ponchos

Every Disney Cast Member will tell you to come prepared for rain when you visit Walt Disney World.  Make sure you toss in those rain ponchos.  Being able to throw on some rain gear will allow you to keep enjoying the Disney magic.

Have that rain gear with you each and every day no matter what the forecasts tell you.  Rain storms pop up all the time and you don’t want to get caught without them.

Phone Charger

2.  Cell phone and Chargers

A Walt Disney World vacation relies a lot on My Disney Experience the official app of Walt Disney World.  In order to use this, your cell phone is going to be key.  Cast Members will tell you that having your cell phone, as well as portable chargers, is extremely important to your day.

They know that having access to My Disney Experience will allow GUests to navigate the Disney Parks more successfully.  Don’t get stuck without a phone or with a dead phone.  Have portable chargers for everyone so you can stay connected to the magic.

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1. Patience 

Cast Members will highly recommend that you make sure you have packed your patience when you head to a Disney Park.  It can be overwhelming and even frustrating sometimes when things do go as planned.  Staying calm will make the best out of the situation.  There will be crowds and lines, so go into the day knowing that.  Have a plan and ways to entertain yourself in line.  Doing this will make for a better experience for everyone.

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