What?! 5 Rides We Always Skip at Walt Disney World

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck stand in front of a large, traditional Mesoamerican pyramid against a clear blue sky. Mickey appears curious and friendly with arms outstretched, while Donald looks excited and gesturing animatedly with a raised fist, reminiscent of the magic found at Walt Disney World rides.
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We love Walt Disney World and all the Disney rides, shows, and experiences that we can have while visiting this magical place.  Although we would like to say we try to do everything each and every time we visit, this isn’t the case.

There are just some experiences at Walt Disney World Resort that we don’t like, so we pass up every Disney vacation.

These rides aren’t bad by any means, they just aren’t ones that we enjoy as much as others.  With limited time, we choose to skip them for another chance to ride our favorite rides in the four Disney parks.

Take a look at some of the rides we skip and why we tend to skip each one when we visit Walt Disney World. We hope that it will help you determine whether you’ll want to skip them as well.

Mission: SPACE

Credit: Disney

5.  Mission Space (EPCOT)

The first Disney World ride that we always skip when visiting Walt Disney World is found in EPCOT.  Mission Space just isn’t for us.  The reason we skip this ride is that it makes us sick.  Even though Mission Space offers two versions (green is the less intense side, and orange is more intense), both make us feel sick afterward.

Mission Space simulates a launch into outer space, and if you want to feel like a true astronaut, you might love this ride.  Since we don’t want to feel sick the rest of the day in a theme park, we will be skipping out on Mission Space during our visit to EPCOT.

flik animatronic from Animal Kingdom's 'It's Tough to Be a Bug' attraction

Credit: Disney

4.  It’s Tough to Be a Bug- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Guests might think that this cute 3D show about bugs would be fun, but it actually pretty intense and can cause a lot of little ones (big ones) to be scared.

In the show, guests become insects and Flik helps them understand what it is like for bugs out in the wild.  This part of the show is neat and cute, but it quickly becomes more intense.

Hopper, a very large and aggressive grasshopper shows up and uses more intense bugs to scare the audience.  If guests aren’t a fan of spiders, stink bugs, or grasshoppers they’ll want to skip out on this show.

Even though we do love the movie and Flik and his friends, this 3D experience is just a little too intense for us.  We like to skip it for less creepy experiences around Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Take in some of our suggestions here.

guests taking selfie, family, figment meet and greet

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3. Journey Into Imagination with Figment- EPCOT

When visiting EPCOT we often skip past Journey Into Imagination with Figment.  We know that this is a classic for many guests, but we just don’t find enjoyment in the ride.

Although we think Figment is adorable, we find the ride lacking and needing some love.  The different scenes often leave us confused and wondering exactly what is happening.

EPCOT has so many amazing experiences such as Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Soarin, Test Track, and the festivals that we often skip over this ride in favor of these other experiences.

Kali River Cover Photo, walt disney world rides

Credit: D23

2.  Kali River Rapids- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The reason we skip Kali River Rapids is pretty straightforward- we don’t like getting wet.  Even on the hottest days in Disney’s Animal Kingdom (which let’s face it is almost every day of the year), we prefer to not be soaking wet while enjoying the rest of the day.

We also think the storytelling is lacking on Kali River Rapids.  Although it is supposed to be about deforestation and the impact that has, we feel like the story is lost.  We also feel like it is an extremely short ride.  It often feels like we get on just to be dumped on by water and then get off again.

On an extremely hot day in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, that might sound like a great relief but is extremely likely that you will get soaked on Kali River Rapids.  We personally prefer to skip this one in favor of keeping our shoes and clothes dry as we walk around a Disney park.

A busy outdoor theme park area filled with people walking and enjoying the attractions. Various futuristic and colorful structures and rides are visible in the background. Some visitors are pushing strollers, while others are taking photos or conversing. The atmosphere is lively.

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1. Astro Orbiter- Magic Kingdom

When we are hanging out in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, we often find ourselves skipping out on Astro Orbiter.  There are a few reasons why this seems to happen each trip.

First of all, we don’t like spinning and Astro Orbiter definitely seems to spin more than Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Magic Carpets of Aladdin.  This spinning makes us feel not so great the rest of the day which just isn’t worth it.

Second of all, we prefer to not be up so high.  Being up super high can be stressful for many.  Adding height to a ride that can already go high in the sky is a lot to handle.

Finally, we really don’t like the elevator that we have to use to head up to ride.  Because guests have to use an elevator to go up to the loading dock and back down again, this process is rather long.  If we want to ride a spinner ride, we would prefer the classic Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Which rides at Walt Disney World do you tend to skip? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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