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Time Wasters
Time Wasters

At Walt Disney World time is money.  You have a limited amount of days to experience the magic and you don’t want to waste it on experiences that might not be fun, productive, or helpful.

So what are these big-time wasters throughout Walt Disney World Resort?  We have a list of things that we think could be time wasters for your family during their Walt Disney World vacation.  Take a look at our list to see if there are rides, shows, or attractions that you can leave off of your planning list.

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We know this might upset a lot of people, but it is true.  Coffee can be a big-time waster during your Walt Disney World vacation.  My family often jokes that the longest lines in any of the four Disney Parks are the lines for Starbucks.  Oftentimes, this isn’t a joke.

We know that there are some of you out there that can’t start your morning without coffee and we probably don’t want you to.  If that is the case, then make a plan so you don’t spend precious moments of your day in line for Starbucks.

All the Disney Resorts have coffee in the rooms.  You could also consider mobile-ordering a cup on your way out to the buses from the quick-service location at your Disney Resort.  We also recommend trying out Joffrey’s Coffee instead of Starbuck.  These lines are typically shorter and there are a lot more of them throughout the four Disney Parks.

Please don’t waste time standing in line for coffee when you could be using that time to ride popular rides with lower wait times.


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Park Hopping

My family loves being able to Park Hop during our Walt Disney World vacations but isn’t for everyone.  Currently, Guests who have purchased a Park Hopper option are able to move between Disney Parks starting at 2 pm.  Because of this restriction, and the time it takes to hop, many believe that Park Hopping is a waste of time.

Our opinion is that Guests really need to think through their touring plan.  By doing this, Guests will be able to better determine if they will use this feature or not.  If you are a family who plans to head back in the afternoons, a Park Hopper might work.  Since you are already back at your Disney Resort, you can choose if you are going to head back to the same Disney Park or check out a different one for the evening.

On the other hand, if your family is a Park open to Park close group, a Park Hopper probably isn’t needed.  Park Hopping can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes depending on where you are hopping from and to.

Really think through if Park Hopping is something that would work for your family during their vacation.  You don’t want to waste time on Disney transportation if you don’t have to.

Disney Fireworks

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Waiting Hours for Fireworks 

No one does nighttime shows and entertainment like Walt Disney World.  We highly recommend taking time to enjoy the fireworks as well as the afternoon parade.  What we think is a time waster is spending hours waiting for that entertainment to start.

We know that there are better spots to watch from, but there really isn’t a perfect spot.  If you spend hours waiting for the show to start you aren’t enjoying the other magical experiences throughout Disney Park.

Finally, know that even if you find the perfect spot chances are that someone will probably step in front of you or maneuver their kids onto their shoulders during the show.  Although this is super frustrating, it is something that happens.  Again, we don’t think taking hours to find the perfect spot is key.

It is true that the nighttime shows are spectacular and you don’t want to miss them, but don’t miss out on other rides and shows because you are sitting and playing with your phone for two hours before it starts.

Festival of Fantasy

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Waiting for the Parade

We have the exact same belief about waiting for the Festival of Fantasy Parade.  Having a great spot in front of the castle would be amazing, but is it worth two hours of waiting?

We have stepped off a ride and been able to catch the parade just fine.  There is also a Genie+ option if you are wanting a roped-off area.

Also, with the addition of the cavalcades, there are a lot more opportunities to see our beloved characters throughout the day.

Swiss Family Treehouse

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Rides, Shows, Attractions

We would love to say that all attractions at Walt Disney World are just as amazing as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance or the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, but that isn’t true.  There are some attractions that just aren’t ones we would prioritize during our trip.  We actually have some HERE we skip each trip.

When visiting the Magic Kingdom, one experience that might be considered a waste of time is the Swiss Family Treehouse in Adventureland.  This is a lot of steps and could be extremely difficult on a hot day.

We also think that classics such as Peter Pan’s Flight could be considered a waste of time.  With often an hour-plus wait, we don’t think it is a good use of time for a ride that is under a minute lone.  There are some rides like Avatar Flight of Passage or Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance that is worth the hour-long wait.

Before jumping into line, make sure you know what you are getting into.  Take time to get to know the rides and attractions.  Knowing more about them will help you determine if the wait is going to be worth it for your family.

Those are some of the top time wasters during a Walt Disney World vacation.  We hope that bringing them to your attention will help you have a great time.


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