8 Things We Wish Had Been Included in Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World is constantly adding new attractions, restaurants and experiences to its park as technology improves and new movies arrive. However, there are a number of features that never made it to the Florida park for one reason or another. Even with Disney fans throwing in their suggestions, we still have yet to see certain things included in Disney World. Let’s take a look at a few things fans would like to see.

8. Disney Airline

How great would it be if your Disney World vacation could start the moment you step on the plane? With so many people visiting the park each year, why not create special Disney flights traveling two and from the major cities around the country? A Disney themed interior and inflight movies would help set the tone and Cast Members would serve as flight attendants. Especially with the Disney Pixar Planes movies out, this would be a great tie-in to the films.

7. A Monorail from Orlando International Airport to the Resort

While this one is difficult to actually implement, the half hour ride would be made more fun on a monorail than in a rental car. Initially, that was the only way guests could get to the resort from the airport. Then came Disney’s Magical Express which transports guests, and their luggage, to their Disney Resort Hotel. A free service, and one that is a lot more cost effective than figuring out how to build a track over miles of highway, the buses get the job done. But a monorail would have been amazing.

6. Characters Greeting You At Resorts

In Disneyland, characters walk around the park and interact with guests on a more casual basis than in Disney World where guests have to find characters in specific locations and wait on line. A great way to incorporate this spontaneity would be to have characters welcome guests as they arrived at each resort. Theming could be taking into consideration such as having Lilo and Stitch at the Polynesian, Princess Tiana at Port Orleans, and Rafiki at Animal Kingdom Lodge. While some resorts do have characters in their restaurants, it would be a great welcome to have a character greet you at the door or in the lobby.

5. Matterhorn

There are a number of attractions that Disneyland has that Disney World never got, but the Matterhorn is a park favorite that guests have been asking for in Florida for a while now. With two tracks, the bobsled-like cars take guests on a rollercoaster that is perfect for the whole family. With no plans to bring the attraction over to the East Coast, fans will have to travel to California to experience the attraction.

4. Monorails Between All the Parks

Currently, the only parks connected by monorail are Magic Kingdom and Epcot. But with Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom being closer to each other, getting a monorail to transport guests from park to park should be easy. However, when factoring where the tracks would go, if there would be a loop that stops at all the parks or if each park connection would have its own track, it doesn’t seem a feasible idea. Still, everything is made better when traveling by monorail.

3. More Disney TV and Movie Tie-Ins in Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or MGM Studios as some people know it, used to feature TV sets park guests could interact with. Sets for shows like “I Love Lucy” and “Home Improvement” allowed guests to step on stage and act out their favorite scene. With all these gone, even the American Idol experience, there hasn’t been a strong Disney presence in the park, except for the Frozen entertainments. You’d think with Disney having its own channel that the shows and films would be more present in the park. Disney Junior now has its own show and character meet and greets, but what about the other shows?

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2. More Countries in World Showcase

Initially, Epcot created space for more than the 12 countries currently represented in World Showcase. There were plans to add more, but due to funding or plans falling through, they never happened. Even now the space is still there to include more parts of the world, like Australia, Russia, and parts of Africa. However, park guests will have to be satisfied with the additional country food stands that pop up during the park’s two main festivals.

1. More Movie Themed Restaurants

With the success of Be Our Guest Restaurant that immerses guests in a scene taken directly from Beauty and the Beast, you’d think there would be more immersive dining opportunities. Simply having the characters in a restaurant that really has nothing to do with their film (Crystal Palace) could be improved on by enhancing the atmosphere. Why not bring Tiana’s Palace to the Port Orleans Resorts? Disney could also add the whimsy of Meet The Robinsons to the Imagination pavilion and create a dining experience there complete with the scenery transforming the reflect the food fight scene from the film. Some restaurants already incorporate their movies like Pizza Planet from Toy Story and Tony’s Restaurant from Lady and the Tramp, but they don’t have quite the same wow factor as Be Our Guest.

Other experiences we’d like to see in Disney World like Cars Land and Star Wars Land may already be in the works, but without an official announcement, it’s speculation at this point. As new experiences are being added, there are some that may never make it to the Florida resort.

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