8 Things You May Be Missing In Epcot’s World Showcase

World Showcase

Epcot’s World Showcase is full of amazing representations of different countries around the world. Read below about 10 things you may be missing in Epcot’s World Showcase.

8. Exercise with a view! The World Showcase at Walt Disney World’s Epcot is not only filed with beautiful representations of countries, but it’s also great for exercise. If you walk from the entire World Showcase you will walk 1.25 miles!

7. Canada: Many guests wander right past Canada, but it’s definitely worth it to take the time and explore Canada. The walking trail in Canada is a great way to see the landscape of this country. There are three totem poles that are located in Canada; two of them are manmade and one of them is real! The fake totem poles were constructed out of fiberglass. The real totem pole is the one on your left when you enter Canada and is 30 feet tall. It is a 700-pound cedar tree that was carved by a Tsimshian carver and was placed in the park in 1998. The trees in Canada are real too and they have to be replaced when they grow too large. The plants also change in Canada due to the season, not of Florida, but of their native land Canada!

6. China: Did you know that the Chinese section of the World Showcase has narrow pathways? This was designed on purpose to make guests feel like they are actually on the crowded streets of a Chinese city. The Chinese temple was designed so that if you are standing on one side you can whisper something and your friend on the opposite side can hear you. The acoustics are perfect in the temple. Make sure to take the time to head to the market in China. There are many authentic Chinese items for sale, there is also a great restaurant called Nine Dragons in China.

5. France: The iconic Eiffel tower defines France. The Eiffel Tower at World Showcase, however, is only for pictures. It is the only structure in World Showcase that cannot be entered by guests. Have you every looked down at the walkway as you are walking between France and Morocco? Next time you are visiting World Showcase take a minute and glance down, there is a small section of pavement that is different. Disney Imagineers designed this section of the path to symbolize the Straits of Gibraltar.

4. Morocco: Next time you visit Epcot, take some time to walk through all of Morocco. All of the beautiful tiles and carvings you see were hand made. Each of the mosaic tiles actually all have cracks and other imperfections. This was done on purpose. The Moroccan people worship Allah and believe that only Allah can create something “perfect”, this is why all of the tiles are flawed in some way! There is a short free-guided tour of Morocco! The times vary due to day and time so it’s best to ask a cast member while you are visiting. This tour is very informative and is a fun free thing to do at World Showcase!

3. Germany: Try to make it to Germany at the top of the hour. In the courtyard of Germany you will find a large clock. Every hour the clock will chime and a wooden German boy and girl will come out of the clock and dance around. The Biergarten Restaurant is one that you don’t want to miss. It has delicious Bavarian buffet, oompah bands and unique beers for adults to try! Make sure you make a reservation for this very popular restaurant.

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2. United Kingdom: The Rose and Crown pub located at United Kingdom in Epcot is a restaurant you do not want to miss. The majority of the staff of the Rose and Crown Pub and Dining room all come from the United Kingdom. From your host to your server you will be interacting with someone from the UK. This makes dining at the pub even more unique. Walt Disney World definitely put some work into this wonderful restaurant. Did you now the molded glass found throughout the whole pub is from England? This history behind this glass is that it is handmade so that people can see out of the pub, but people on the outside cannot see in. This is just one of the small details that makes this place so magical. Be sure to ask your server about other hidden gems, including hidden Mickeys!

1. Character meet and greets! There are many characters to meet and greet with at Epcot. Princesses you can find there include Aurora, Belle, Snow White, Mulan and more. The characters can be found near their countries. For example, you can meet Alice in Wonderland in the United Kingdom area. Donald Duck can be found near Mexico in his Mexican dress. You can only meet and greet with Belle and Mulan (sometimes even Mushu!) at Walt Disney World’s Epcot.

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