8 Things You Should Never Do On Disney’s Monorail

At Walt Disney World, the monorail transports guests from the Ticket & Transportation Center to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, or several Disney Resort Hotels. While classified as transportation, for some guests where technology has not quite reached their hometowns, the monorail is more like a thrill ride, but without the fast turns and curves. While traveling on the monorail, there are some things you do not want to attempt. I have listed eight things you should never do on Disney’s Monorail.

8. Fall Asleep — If you climb aboard a monorail on your way to the Magic Kingdom, Disney Resort, or Epcot, you’re in for a smooth, relaxing trip, but don’t get too relaxed. It is very tempting to shut your eyes for a few minutes after a busy day at a theme park. Once, I was so tired, I accidentally fell asleep on the monorail ride from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom, and was made aware of this fact by my daughter nudging me because I was snoring. I was so embarrassed and turned “fifty shades of red”. I was so glad when those doors opened, and I could quickly make my departure. My children thought it was hilarious. The bottom line is: “Stay awake on the monorail!”

7. Smoke, Eat or Eat on the Monorail — On most attractions, buses, boats, and monorails, smoking, drinking, or eating while on board are not permitted. Smoking is a definite “no no”, but some guests really don’t see a problem with pulling out a drink, or opening up a popcorn container for a quick snack. The monorail is smooth, but there are times when it has to suddenly slow down, and if you’re standing and not holding on to something, you could lose your footing. If you have an open drink cup or bottle or an open popcorn container and it spills, it creates a mess and possible cause for slipping and falling. So, be courteous and pay attention to the announcements about smoking, eating, and drinking while on the monorail.

6. Long Distance Conversations — Once the doors to the monorail open, most guests board rather quickly, and you may not get seated with all of your party in one section. You may be in the same compartment, but with seats in between you and the rest of your group. For the sake of those guests who are seated between you and your group, please do not try to carry on a conversation with those in your party who are in the other section. It is rude and quite uncomfortable for those riders who have to sit between questions and responses. I know what it feels like to be in between two parties conversing, and it is really awkward. I felt like I should be ducking so they could keep each other in sight. It was a long, uncomfortable ride.

5. Stand Without Holding On To The Handrails — There are always a few daredevils in our midst, and I have to admit that when my children were younger, they also tried the “I don’t have to hold on” routine while standing on the monorail. While it was funny watching them sway and almost fall, it can become a problem. Even though the monorail is one of the smoothest forms of transportation, there are times when a curve or sudden “slow down” can cause anyone standing who is not holding on, to “take a spill”. Falling down on a monorail is not funny, especially if a stroller comes between you and the floor. Make sure everyone who is standing holds on to the handrail. It’s the right thing to do.

4. Lean On the Monorail Doors — We have all heard and delighted in the famous translation of a popular monorail warning: “Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas”, “Please stand clear of the doors”. This particular warning has even shown up on T-shirts and bumper stickers. Seriously, though, you don’t want to be standing halfway in the car when the doors begin to close, and you definitely do not want to put all your weight against the doors while the monorail is moving. Disney takes every precaution to insure their guests’ safety, but accidents do happen, so why tempt fate. Pay attention to the announcer’s warning and take small children by their hand and stand clear of the doors.

3. Have a Party — Excitement and magic reign supreme at Walt Disney World, and sometimes guests don’t know how to contain their exuberance, but once you’re on board the monorail, its time to tone it down a bit. Dancing, singing, and waving your arms around is inappropriate behavior on a monorail. Many first-time guests who are not fully acquainted with the security of monorail travel, may find this “party hearty” conduct quite disturbing. Laughter and light frivolity can be shared by almost anyone, but obnoxious behavior is never appreciated.

2. Make Out — Physical expressions of love can be heartwarming and sweet, but taken too far, they can become awkward for those guests in close vicinity of those who take this show of emotions a bit too far. This particularly holds true in such tight quarters as a monorail compartment. When a couple cannot contain themselves or wait until they are in a private place to express their feelings for one another, it becomes very uncomfortable for anyone nearby. This behavior is extremely inappropriate when there are children present, and at Walt Disney World, there are always children present. Also, when your arms are wrapped around your “significant other” in a “lovable” embrace while you are standing, your chances of falling if the monorail has to stop suddenly are twice as great. Save the romance for when you get back to your room.

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1. Take Up More Space Than You Need — After standing in a crowded line for the monorail and your turn arrives to board, the rush is on to get to a car first so you can grab a seat and not have to stand. Once you are seated, it is tempting to stretch out and take up extra space in the seating or standing area.

Think about all the guests who will have to stand, and pull in your legs, get really close to your friends and family, and make room for more people to have a seat. Also, don’t put your backpacks, camera bags, shopping bags, etc. on the seat. Hold them in your lap and make more room for seating. Think about your neighbors on the monorail and do all you can to accommodate late arrivals. Also, be prepared to give up your seat for elderly guests and Moms with small children. I’m sure they will be very grateful for your kindness.

The Walt Disney World Monorail Transportation System is one of the best in the world, and those of us who have ridden on them have enjoyed their smooth, relaxing movement, along with the fantastic bird’s eye view of the Disney Parks and Resorts. For the safety and enjoyment of all Monorail guests, it is important to use your common sense and avoid some of these things I have listed of what things you should never do while riding on a Disney Monorail. Enjoy the ride with your friends and family and be courteous to those guests who are riding with you.

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