8 Things You’ll Love About Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World

Toy Story Land opened at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios on June 30, 2018, and since that day, the land has been wowing Guests of all ages. The land, its attractions, the food and the atmosphere as a whole are hits with Disney fans young and old. If you haven’t been yet, check out the following eight things you’ll just love about the new land. In fact, you’ll probably love them so much that you’ll start planning your trip tonight!

1. The characters

We can finally meet all three of our favorite Toy Story characters in one location! It’s one of the best things about Toy Story Land. Woody, Jessie and Buzz all have a place where they can greet Guests, sign autographs and pose for pictures with their adoring Disney World fans. Whatever did we do before Toy Story Land opened? Before the new land opened, the only way to be sure to see Jessie was in a parade at Magic Kingdom—we couldn’t get her autograph and we sure couldn’t pose with her for photos. We were able to meet Woody and Buzz at PIXAR Place, but the queue was a bit crowded and the line was usually lengthy. Thank you, Toy Story Land!

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2. The attractions

We absolutely love the two new attractions at Toy Story Land—Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Swirling Saucers—and we aren’t the only ones! Imagineers pulled out all the stops on these amazing new experiences—one that has us hopping aboard Slinky’s coils for a spin around the backyard and the other that allows us to take a seat inside a spinning spacecraft with the Little Green Alien Men at the controls! What’s not to love?

3. There are several places to sit and take pictures

The exit to the Toy Story Mania attraction provides some of the best spots for taking photos among fun and creative props. There are oversized toys, as well as benches and fun walls sure to make those photos Instagram-worthy. When you exit the attraction, you’ll follow a cheerfully designed walkway that takes you through part of Andy’s backyard. (It looks as though this part of the yard doesn’t get tidied up very often—as evidenced by all the toys along the path.) There’s a bench made from a wooden train track. There’s also a fence made from pastel-painted popsicle sticks. You’ll see green army men with a helicopter made from K’Nex building toys, and the spool of kite string from the old entrance to Toy Story Mania is along the path too!


4. A113

PIXAR fanatics will be thrilled to see the familiar “A113” at Toy Story Land. A113 is a classroom at the California Institute of the Arts, and many of its alumni are PIXAR animators who learned in that very classroom. The classroom has a very special meaning to the animators, and because of this, they make sure to include A113 in every PIXAR film they make. So we weren’t surprised that A113 is hidden in Toy Story Land. Near Woody’s Lunch Box, you can see alphabet blocks that show A, 1, 1, and 3. Or you can use the A on the block and the values of the three dominoes behind the block which—you guessed it—have values of 1, 1 and 3, respectively.

5. Hidden dates

Aside from A113, there are some other alphanumeric Easter eggs hidden inside Toy Story Land. If you look at the six dominoes standing up behind the PIXAR ball near the exit of the Toy Story Mania attraction, you will notice the first domino has a value of 2, the second has a value of 3, and the next four dominoes have values of 1, 9, 8 and 6, respectively. Turn those numbers into a date, and you’ll get 2/3/1986, which is the date PIXAR was officially founded. On the bar code of the Dash and Dodge Coaster Kit at the queue for Slinky Dog Dash, you will notice the numbers read 231986 (again the PIXAR company’s inception date), followed by the numbers 1011971, which stands for October 1, 1971, the day Disney World opened. Bet you’ll be looking for these numbers when you visit next!

6. Pizza Planet makes an appearance!

Many Toy Story fans were hopeful that the new Toy Story Land would have a Pizza Planet restaurant somewhere amongst its 11 acres. And we were sad that it didn’t. But there are some Pizza Planet touches inside Toy Story Land. You just have to be looking for them. At the Alien Swirling Saucers attraction, as you first enter the queue, you will notice two figures standing guard, each holding a round object very similar to a pizza. The same guards are at the entrance to Pizza Planet in the first Toy Storymovie. There is also artwork in the queue that looks like pizza toppings (mushrooms and other toppings). The triangle panels in the attraction are made to look like slices of pizza. Pizza Planet lives on!

7. The Green Army Men talk!

We used to get to catch a glimpse of the Green Army Men at PIXAR Place before Toy Story Land opened. They often roamed about the area from time to time. And although they would interact at times with Guests, they never spoke. But at the new Toy Story Land, not only do the Green Army Men speak, but they also pose for selfies with Guests and even lead Guests in group activities. They even perform in an Army Marching Band!

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8. Every toy has a story.

Cast Members working at Toy Story Land are no longer referred to as Cast Members. Instead, they refer to themselves and other Cast Members as toys. Each one of them also has a “toy story.” If you want to know what their stories are, simply walk up to a friendly toy in Andy’s backyard and ask, “What’s your toy story?” You will be impressed with the imaginations and the quick wit of these toys. Some hail from Al’s Toys Barn. Others came from Amazon!

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