8 Walt Disney World Disney Experiences We Really Dislike

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Disney is all about putting smiles on people’s faces, but believe it or not, there are times when the smile quickly fades due to some unexpected occurrences or experiences. Whether it is avoidable or completely out of your control, no one wants to be disappointed on their visit to the happiest place on earth. Here are 8 Disney experiences we really dislike.

8. Being In Line With An Irate Guest

We’ve all been there. You’re standing in line with your friends or family and then there is an irate guest nearby that totally ruins the mood. Not only does it make you uncomfortable, it makes for an awkward situation. There have also unfortunately been physical fights in lines at rides and attractions that have and will possibly endanger guests around them. No one likes to encounter physical or verbal aggression at Disney. If you have an issue with someone, make sure you address it in a calm and professional manner. Remember that there are other guests and children that do not want to be part of your situation.

7. Ride Closures

Nothing stinks more than looking forward to your favorite ride or show and then fining out it has been closed or cancelled on the day you visit the park. Unfortunately, Disney has to work on their rides and refurbish them, and most of the time this is done during park hours. If a ride or show is being refurbished, chances are it will take weeks, months, or even years to update. In this case, you can always go online and check the ride closures list so that you aren’t totally disappointed when you arrive there and see the ‘closed’ sign. As for technical difficulties, they happen every day. Aside from the cast members sending in technicians to fix the ride, there is nothing we can do as park guests to get the ride up and running. It’s a sad situation, but we must put a smile on our face and continue with our day!

6. Difficult Time Snagging Dining Reservations

Dining is a huge part of a typical Disney vacation. There are so many unique restaurants and character experiences that everyone would like to enjoy with their friends and family. Dining reservations can be made 180 days in advance, and this seems to be the time when people are actually calling and making their plans. Popular restaurants, like Be Our Guest for example, are often booked within minutes of the midnight hour 180 days out. It sounds crazy, but I have personally tried to snag a reservation here myself, and was unable to do so even calling on midnight, 180 days out of my vacation day. This situation happens frequently with many restaurants and it can be very frustrating when you have had your heart set on a specific dining experience, and then you don’t get to check it out. One recommendation I would make is to constantly check (once or twice a day) to see if a party cancelled their reservation. You never know how lucky you may get to score those hard t get reservations. It may be time consuming and a pain to have to do every day, but it will be totally worth it if something becomes available.

5. New FastPass System

Some people love it, others hate it. The new Fastpass system on the My Disney Experience app has a lot of benefits including 3D park maps, iteneraries, being able to link your family to see plans, wait times, and of course, making fastpass reservations. While this is great for those that purchase their tickets ahead of time, it isn’t so great for those who don’t. If you are an annual passholder, you can make fastpass reservations up to 60 days prior to arrival, whereas if you aren’t and you purchase your theme park tickets in advance, you will be able to make those fastpass reservations 30 days in advance. Since this is offered to those guests that have park tickets before arrival, they will most likely snag up the more popular fastpasses for the rides and attractions that are always jam-packed. Those guests that purchase tickets at the park will still be able to make fastpass reservations, however, by the time they do so, the more popular rides are most likely going to be sold out of fastpasses. Many guests have complained about this new program and prefer the old method of the way fastpasses were issued. Fastpasses used to be offered at the park only, making it fair for guests to reserve them at the same time. While some people love the new method, others aren’t so pleased.

4. Bad Weather

Mother Nature is strong and mighty, and unfortunately, no one can stop her. Florida weather is always sporadic (especially in the summer) with sunshine one minute, a monsoon the next minute, and sunshine again a minute later. Florida is also known for their hurricanes, which can bring on heavy rain, strong winds, and tons of flooding. It is a shame for those guests who look forward to that beautiful Florida sunshine and end up having their plans dampened by a tropical storm. The best advice I can give here is to just try to get past the fact that your plans were ruined, and remember that you are still at the happiest place on earth. Make the most of your rainy days by finding stuff to do indoors at the parks or at your resort!

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3. Crowds

No one likes to wait for rides, shows, food, or even transportation. Crowds are inevitable at Disney World. As the years have passed, it seems that the ‘slow season’ for crowds has decreased to just a few weeks out of the year, making it difficult for guests to avoid them. Nowadays there are crowds all over the park rides, attractions, restaurants, and even with the transportation systems offered like the busses and monorails. Unfortunately, this is another one of those things that are difficult to avoid, but there are a few good tips to follow by. Aside from visiting during the slow season, try visiting during the early hours of the park opening, or staying late with extra magic hours. You can also try to attend the second showing of a show or parade since the first one is usually more crowded. Fastpasses are also a great way to avoid crowds on the more popular attractions.

2. Lack of Alcohol

While there are many bars and restaurants at the on-property resorts and theme parks, Magic Kingdom is the only park that does not serve alcohol. This can be a damper for those who love to have an alcoholic beverage to unwind or to accompany their meals. While many may be unhappy about the lack of alcohol in Magic Kingdom, if you are lucky enough to snag a dining reservation at the most popular restaurant in the park, Be Our Guest, you will be able to have a glass of wine or beer with your dinner. That’s right. Alcohol is served only to those dining (for dinner only) at Be Our Guest. The only problem is that getting a reservation here can be very challenging. The alcohol offered for dinner guests only also controls the amount you can have considering that it isn’t available to guests at all hours of the day.

1. Prices

Visiting the most famous mouse on earth is not cheap. Disney prices continue to spike as the years pass on making it very challenging to travel to the parks often with an entire family. Often times guests have to pick and choose what experiences they want to enjoy and eliminate those that are more costly. Unfortunately, attendance doesn’t seem to be decreasing, which can only mean that rates will continue to increase in the future. In order to make your trip more cost effective, you can travel during the ‘slow season’, research discounts that may apply to you, and take advantage of free dining plans.

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